The Xbox Series X, which is Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, is expected to launch in the fall this year. However, with the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it is a matter of great uncertainty when it comes to companies sticking to their deadlines. But, during the launch of the Xbox series, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has given fans hope that the Xbox Series X launch and track launch date will be fulfilled. And, interestingly, the conversation during the podcast suggested that the console would launch in India around the same time as it does globally.

First Reported The conversation between Phil Spencer hosted by The Mako Reactor and the podcast Unlocked brings great news for all Xbox fans and gamers in general. Spencer was asked about the global launch Xbox series x To which he stated that “significant delays in the sector cause us to lose”, meaning that a staggered launch of consoles with few sectors at a time negatively affects the company financially.

Spencer explained, “I would say, lived through Xbox one Projection I know that significant delays in the field have caused us harm. It hurts us with the fan spirit … We haven’t started planning for B (staggered launch), but I would hesitate to do something like that. Fundamentally some of the issues we work with relate to software more than hardware and when you work with software it happens globally so I am not guessing it but as I said, we are going to be -Depending daily, managing how things are going and watching our productivity. “

During the conversation, Spencer did not specifically indicate India, but, he did mention the launch of the Xbox One in Japan, a delay of nearly nine months and how there was a roar of excitement from fans awaiting the launch. The Mako reactor states that Spencer’s plan extends to other areas, including India. In particular, Xbox One and Xbox one s Released in India almost a year after their international launch.

In addition, The Mako Reactor report cited sources as saying that Microsoft’s India distribution partner, Redington, has been highly skilled with BIS certifications that allow the Xbox Series X to be released in India around its international release date Can help launch. In particular, BIS certification issues was delayed At the Indian launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4.

So far, we know the specifications of the Xbox Series X console Shared By Microsoft. The console will use a custom built eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, which will be expanded to 3.8 GHz. To deal with the graphics, a custom RDNA 2-class GPU with power of 12 teraflops and 52 calculation units is clocked at 1.82GHz each. The Xbox Series X will come with support for 8K resolution.