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How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Sending messages by mistake in WhatsApp has happened to most of us. Now it allows you to delete sent messages, within approximately one hour. Once deleted, the received will only see “This message has been deleted.”

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You might be curious to know what that person had written to you. It’s now possible to find out, thanks to certain apps. Here we’ll show you the best apps on the market to find out what those deleted messages said.

Android Only Since 2017, you can delete messages sent in WhatsApp, an option that was not allowed before. If you want to know what a deleted message contained, you must have an Android device. This is only available on Android devices, not iPhones.

Notisave This app keeps a complete history of all WhatsApp and other messaging notifications, even when it comes to deleted messages that haven’t been read. Thanks to this system, the user can find out what the message said before it was deleted since it automatically saves a copy of its contents and the user who sends it cannot delete it on the device.

One of the great advantages of Notisave is its intuitive interface and ease of use. Another point in favour is that it is a free app. There are some disadvantages including advertising and downloads made on your phone. You can download Notisave free for Android click here.

WAMR WAMR, whose official and full name is WAMR – Recovers deleted messages, is an alternative app that saves copies of message notifications, including those that have been deleted.

One of the striking aspects of WAMR is that when someone deletes a sent message, this app sends a notification to the user. Like Notisave, this app is also free, but as a counterpart, the user must accept to see advertising. You can download WAMR for Android by clicking here.

Sometimes you will wish that you could have the opportunity to read a deleted message, which has been previously sent to you by family or friends, but the sender later deletes the message due to one or two reasons.

Do not worry about that anymore, as the solution to this specific problem is here. I am going to show you an app that will help you to read the deleted WhatsApp messages.

This app is an app, which automatically saves your messages and notifications for every app that you have installed on your phone. This article will expatiate on all you need to know about the app how it works and how to use it.

Click HERE to download the app, how the app works and the step by step guide on how to use the app.