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Tactics for using Search Engines to your Advantage

Turning your home page into a secret weapon by using search engines

I’m going to blow away any idea, any concept at all, of what you think a home page should be about. Your home page must be about one thing, attracting a major search engine technology, known to the man as Google. Using search engines to drive traffic to our site is very helpful in ranking of our website. Period. It’s like a beauty pageant; you want your home page to win the highest mark from the panel of judges. We achieve this by “tuning” the home page to a set of keywords. If you only have one website, tune your home page specifically for Google or Bing. I give Google a slight edge because everyone today uses Google as their default search engine. Or if you choose to tune your home page for Bing, either way, your site will get enormous amounts of traffic.

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Let me explain how the real search engine optimization is done. The home page should not be a traditional index page, an “about the company” page or table of contents page. So get that notion out of your head right away. Think of the home page as a book cover. You wouldn’t put your index on the cover, would you? Of course not. The index, table of contents, and all the fancy navigational tools are inside the book. The home page should be one thing, a search engine beauty containing keyword-rich text, with only two or four authority links on it.

These links lead to your “table of contents” style page or some authority website like Wikipedia. The homepage is like a dummy, a trap door that does well in the search engines and funnels people into your website.

Once inside your website, people come to a table of contents page, this is your real homepage/ hub or whatever you would like to call. It contains all the navigational features you need to get around the site. All the other pages within your site link back to this hub. People can never get back to the actual “index.html”/”index.php” file or “real” home page except through the search engine. To put it another way, the home page is a straightforward page with a link that goes inside to the directory or sitemap, which links to all the product pages.

This directory is the conceptual home page or hub that has links to the whole site. The only purpose of the home page is to help boost the directory page in the search engines and get you into the site. And it does that, very, very, well. Turning the home page into a one-way valve is one of the easiest, yet most effective tactics for a top eight search listing. That means traffic, leads, sales and lifetime customers.

Now if you take this concept and apply it to more than one website, you could keep each home page tuned for a different major search engine keywords. One each for the keyword that has a lot of competition are you getting the idea yet? Multiple sites, each tuned to a different search engine keyword.

Jump up! Shout yes! Thrust those arms into the air. Spike that ball. Run around the room five times shouting woohoo! But don’t celebrate too long, there’s still lots of work to be done. 😉
P.S. If you are a Beginner, here I have linked an informative piece of article which explains “How a search engine works.” Hope this helps too!