French video game maker Ubisoft said it was bringing “profound changes” after allegations of inappropriate behavior in the group, as it reported higher-than-net bookings for the fiscal quarter.

Earlier in july Ubisoft Announced Departure After investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior, three senior managers, including its chief creative officer.

“I have never compromised on my core values ​​and ethics and I never will,” Yves Guilmot, co-founder and chief executive, told analysts, stating that he was committed to building a sustainable and inclusive business .

The management reshuffle for Ubisoft comes at a time sensitive. whereas Coronavirus The lockdown has given a boost to online gaming, with the group coming out of an operating loss after a recent headline “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” in 2019, failed to impress and other planned releases were delayed.

Jefferies said in a note, “The responses to the malpractice are encouraging. We await the details of the editorial team to determine the impact on future presentations.”

The company has yet to announce a replacement for the chief creative officer, but Guillot temporarily starred in the role, assuring that Ubisoft is well on track to launch five new flagship games in the 2021 fiscal year Was.

Ubisoft also said that it has revived its human resources department and is conducting an investigation with external consultants on harassment allegations.

Creator of blockbuster gaming franchise Assassins Creed And see dogs Net booking EUR 410 million (approx. Rs. 3,551 crore) for three months at the end of June as more people got trapped in video games indoors.

Ubisoft confirmed its financial guidance for 2020-2021 and said net bookings would be down 16 percent for the following year’s quarter, given the strong performance of the previous year and the gradual lifting of imprisonment measures.

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