run two Whatsapp in one device

Hello droidbuz readers, how are you all ? Hope fine. In this article, I am gonna teach you how you can run two whatsapp simultaneously in one android device. In this new era of Jio, everyone has 2 mobile numbers, and many of you guys are interested to run two Whatsapp in one device for each of the number. Well here is the trick by which you can run 2 whatsapp or any other application at same time in your mobile phone or tablet.

We will be using an application called Parallel space.

What is Parallel Space ?

Parallel Space is an application used to run multiple accounts of social networking/Messenging apps as well as game apps at the same time on any device.

Steps to Run two Whatsapp in one device

  1. Download and Install Parallel Space application from Google play store.

Download Link : Download Parallel Space

2. Install and open the application

3. You will see a list of various application which are installed in your mobile phone.

4. Click on whatsapp icon. or any other application which you want to clone and use in your phone. After selecting click on ADD TO PARALLEL SPACE.

5. Now, open whatsapp from Parallel space application and you will see, the old number which you are using in your whatsapp will not be there and you will see a fresh copy of whatsapp.

6. Click AGREE AND CONTINUE and enter the another number which you want to use in your android device. Verify the number and boom you are ready to go.


Now, whenever you want to use whatsapp on the new number which you entered, you will have to open it from inside the parallel space application.

If you open Whatsapp directly from menu/Home screen , you will see your old whatsapp else you will see the new whatsapp.

The tutorial was given to run two Whatsapp in one device but you can use the same trick with any application you want. It works with every application.