The top 10 games on iOS platform generate a total revenue of over $13 million daily, as per a report by According to the data acquired by the website, iOS games generated approximately $13.29 million in daily revenue, which is split across paid apps, ads from free apps and in-app purchases.
Battle royale game Fortnite is at the top of the list, raking about $2.75 million per day, on an average. It is followed by Roblox, with $2.40 million daily revenue. On the third spot is Pokemon Go with earnings of $1.86 million. Coin Master and Candy Crush Saga round off the top five with $1.80 million and $1.42 million respectively.
The report also sheds some light on the top iOS games by the number of daily installs. As of June 2020, Roblox happens to be the leader when it comes to most daily installs, with an estimated average of 21,034 installs. The second spot is taken by Call of Duty: Mobile with an estimated average of 20,566 daily installs. Pokemon Go comes in third with 19,291 daily installs. Clash of Clans, with daily average installs of 19,206, and Coin Master, with 19,169 installs make up for the top five.
Fortnite got a flood recently which turned out to be a harbinger for the delayed Season 3 of Chapter 2. The new season began with a large part of the island submerged in the water. The island now has a floating city. As the landscape has changed, so have the modes of transport. Boats are in business now. You can water ski too while being pulled by a shark when all you were trying to do was fish. Also, new NPCs called Marauders have made their entry into the world of Fortnite.