After several years of controversy over sexism in the video game industry, has spread outrage after the C-suite murder Ubisoft.

Following online allegations of sexual misconduct, the publisher Assassins Creed And Quite different Began an investigation, which resulted in the departure over the weekend the company’s chief creative officer.

Left the head of human resources, as had major operations in Canada near where Game Maker it is the largest studio.

CEO and co-founder Yves Guillot accepted That “Ubisoft To guarantee a safe and inclusive workplace environment for its employees to reduce their liability. “

The executive ousters Male-dominated video game publication had won a high-profile #metoo movement in the industry, which has the reputation of hostility towards women.

Sexual abuse and allegations of misconduct of social media has created many video game publishers, as well as targeted along the gaming community Twitch Forum.

In 2014, two prominent female developers became the target of an online harassment campaign, known as Garget and many people saw behind the increasing pressure about sexism.


Female Ubisoft employees described the company as having a “toxic” work culture, most notably in its Canadian studio.

A woman who asked not to be named, told AFP that “Far Cry to Me Burnout from work, psychological and sexual harassment and paid the price of humiliation, and human resources has never not even bother to listen to me.”

An employee said on social media that immediately after arriving at Ubisoft was a team leader told him that hired him because he was “cute”, but “that surprised when you do good work. “

He also discovered a mailing list, where I describe it that women are wearing “so that people can be.”

Then he found the comments about my looks, which went took regular pinch time “butt and boobs using a route between unwanted invitation met and buildings from superiors”.

A former employee said: “There are people who do bad things on Ubisoft are protected from misfortune. They are often highly placed and if you go to HR or managers they do not usually do.”

Another company in “hard work, games blamed hard” culture.

“That he is not engaged in a place where it is not safe, which is something creates environments are far less inhibition and those predatory behavior.”

Changes in Lara

One of only five employees in Ubisoft’s creative teams is female.

Isabelle Colette, a French researcher who has studied the issue as a whole in the IT industry, said that “they have to get more women need a desire to better welcome.”

Colette said: “Video game publisher today are real companies that should be real tool against oppression.”

But he also said that compared to drug or journalism area was “worse” not necessarily.

A researcher Fanny Lignon of Sianars Research Institute of France, said: “What is annoying is that someone might sexism more common in other forms of media, without realizing it.”

The representation of women in their own games has undergone some changes.

In success Lara Croft Game heroine ready for the more general body of highly erotic and scary-clad, which is covered with clothing appropriate for his exploits.

“Many games are now without stereotype, but some are still largely engaged in them, and this usually involves a hypersexualist of bodies,” Lignon said.

“Women slim and well proportionate, men have more diversified build but are mostly young and athletic. We end up with a vision that is presented by other media, like advertising, for example,” he said.

On the other hand, Lignon pointed to the 2018 Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Odyssey To offer users choice of female characters with actual bodies of warriors.

“We are seeing more female characters who are ‘crooks’.”

But in Game The Last of Us Part 2, released in June, a disgusting Abby has killed off a storm of comments for a woman about her “unrealistic” body – indicating that some gamers remain conservative well.