Tekken mobile game coming to iPhone and Android smartphone


Tekken mobile game coming to iPhone and Android smartphone. As we all know that Tekken was the best fighting games all over the world in our childhood period. This game was also one of the most played games on the gaming console according to leaks, this game will make debut in iOS and Android operating system smartphones. Tekken is also known for its famous gaming characters and unique moves of them.

As Tekken announced for Android & iOS. Pre-registration also starts on the official website of Tekken (www.tekken-mobile.com). You may also register for this game because whenever this game will launch on google play store and also in iOS play store you will get the notification, and then you can download this game and enjoy. If you don’t like Tekken game so, try incredible online slots.

The owner of Tekken also said that they would come with other new versions of Tekken in future will different themes and player. They also invest $500 million in a new game industry with different games concept like other fighting games. The biggest question to the owner of Tekken is that can we get same moves and player in the mobile version game? Then they reply that yes, you will get same players with same moves. The company also started work on VR headset games i.e. now will also play Tekken game on mobile VR Headset. As per the company, this games will require only 1GB RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat above operating devices and for iOS, it would require iOS 7 or above. This game also doesn’t want any flagship processor for playing this game.


The company also add some feature like  “Waza Cards” containing special moves and attacks players can utilize during combat. The cards can be earned as rewards for completing the story or other objectives, and they’ll also be available as in-app purchases for a player who prefers to speed up the unlocking process through payment. Even without spending any money though, players should be able to unlock many characters and cards if they play on a regular basis. For the more competitive crowd, there will be an option to save replays of matches, live events with improved rewards, and an option to train AI to fight against other players.