PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility implementation is preventing it from running the game at 120fps, the Rocket League developer reportedly shared. The console is capable of supporting high refresh rate gaming, especially for PlayStation 4 games, but the update for the game doesn’t seem to be as much as the Xbox Series X. Call of Duty: Warzone was updated to run at 120fps on the Xbox Series X, but the PS5 received no such update. Rocket League was in the same boat and now its developer Sionics has shared why it is so.

Psyonix Allegedly Eurogamer pointed out that applying high refresh rates in backward compatible sports is not as easy Playstation 5, As it is Xbox series x. The company shared that on the Xbox Series X, all one needs is a patch. However, on the PS5, a full native port is needed because of how 120fps gaming is supported Sony Implemented backward compatibility on your console.

Psyonix shared that its focus this year was to update key features such as free-to-play transitions and tournament systems. He said, ‘Because of this we had to take more decisions, which we could achieve. Enabling 120Hz on the Xbox Series X / S is a minor patch, but to enable it on the PS5 how backward compatibility is applied to the console, and unfortunately was not possible due to our focus elsewhere, was due to a full A native port is required, ”the company shared, according to Eurogamer.

Richard Leadbetter, Head of Digital Foundry, said, “Right now, Sony limits 120Hz support for games designed specifically for the PS5, meaning that ‘enhanced’ PS4 games like Rocket League and Warzone do not tap into the feature can do.” Leadbetter also feels that Sony can fix this but a lot of work will have to be done for this. If the company wanted, it could redirect its efforts towards the PS4 instead of the PS5.

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