Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 and Narcos: Mexico Season 2 were big names on TV in February, both shows giving fans what they were looking for. The former continues all through March; It airs on Comedy Central in India on Monday. Speaking of the series running in March, Homeland has its eighth and final season, which will end Carrie Mathison’s Arc. We also have John Oliver’s news satire show Last Week Tonight, which itself became news in India after Hotstar was elected Consider an episode criticizing PM Modi, Sure you will see a sign of pro-government censorship.

Hotstar gets 1-star reviews for John Oliver’s pro-government censorship

February also gave us the short and awe-inspiring Indian series Taj Mahal 1989. In March, the likes of Karisma Kapoor and Neeraj Pandey feature more on the local front – but don’t any of it stick. With him Disney + arrives in late March on HotstarThe biggest name would be (as expected) the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Elsewhere, we have got the reward Done by And better things, apart from the new show by Steven Spielberg, Lebron James, producer of The Wire and director of Ex Makina.

Here is our March 2020 TV Guide, which includes shows Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar (soon to be Disney + hotstar), Apple TV +, ALTBalaji, And Zee5.


When: 5 March
Where: Netflix

One of the largest original animated series for the world’s largest streaming service continues to expand as it moves into its 10-episode third season. (There were only four episodes in the first season, and eight in the second season.) It promises “Warren mystery, murder, mayhem, and more vampires than ever”, with writer Warren Ellis Season 3 “Psychedelic Horror”. It bodes well. All episodes of release date.

Amazing stories

When: 6 March
Where: Apple TV +

In 1985, Steven Spielberg produced this Twilight Zone-influenced anthology sci-fi series that won five Emmys during its two seasons. Thirty-five years later, Apple is reviving it with the help of Once Upon a Time Creators Eddie Kittis and Adam Horowitz. The cast includes the likes of Josh Holloway, Victoria Pedretti and Dylan O’Brien. Five episodes of release date.

Watch the trailer for the awesome stories

Good things

When: 6 March
Where: Hotstar

Producer, writer, star, and director Pamela Adlon returns with the only show about the same mother (Adlon) and her three children – as far as we know – which is now in its fourth year. Adlon said forgiveness, solidarity and “divorce are contagious” in Themes A podcast. silicon Valley Co-producer Mike Judge is a guest star. Two episodes in the first week, then weekly.


When: 6 March
Where: Hotstar

Working with film studios, Majina Writer-director Alex Garland turns to TV with this technology thriller miniseries about a software engineer (Sonoya Mizuno) who investigates a quantum computing company she believes is behind her boyfriend’s disappearance . Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) stars as head of a quantum firm. Two episodes in the first week, then weekly.


When: March 11
Where: ALTBalaji, Zee5

Karisma Kapoor is back from another acting hatus as the lead role of this comedy-drama, which follows six “supermoms” – it has a “superdad”, which deserves it – which goes to her children, her colleagues. Tries to balance unreasonable expectations of. And their own. Shruti Seth, Sanjay Suri, Dino Morea, and Sandhya Mridul also acted.

Watch the trailer for Mentalhood

Floral tree

When: 13 March
Where: Amazon Prime Video

Sumukhi Suresh’s semi-autobiographical series, about a woman who abandons everything to curb her newfound interest and moves to Bengaluru, was right on her premiere three years earlier than Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Where will it go in its second season? All episodes of release date.

Done by

When: 16 March
Where: Hotstar

Nearly two years later it aired for the last time, with HBO’s imaginative, mind-blowing sci-fi series husband-wife duo Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy returning for its third season. Not everyone is in the theme park anymore, with the future Los Angeles setting for the new character of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Aaron Paul, while Maeve (Thandie Newton) takes a trip through Nazi era Italy for unknown reasons . Aired weekly.

Westworld season 3 trailer declares war on human world

Conspiracy against america

When: 17 March
Where: Hotstar

What if Franklin D. for US President in 1940. Was an anti-Jewish aviation hero and xenophobic populist run against Roosevelt – and won? Questions from this six-part minaret from David Simon, creator of The Wire, based on Philip Roth’s 2004 novel. Winona Ryder (Stranger Things), Zoe Kazan (The Big Sick), John Turturro (The Night of), and Morgan Spector (The Mist) are the main ones. Aired weekly.

Special ops

When: 17 March
Where: Hotstar

Neeraj Pandey – as producer, director and producer – looks like low rent Blood bard, In which Kay Kay Menon (Shaurya) dedicates two decades of her life to capture the mastermind behind some of India’s biggest terrorist attacks, in Parliament from 26/11 to 2001 in Mumbai. (The events are real; the story is fictional.) Hopefully, Pandey will do better than Netflix. All episodes of release date.

Check out the new trailer for Special Ops

Self Made: Madam c. J. Inspired by walker life

When: 20 March
Where: Netflix

Octavia Spencer played the titanic entrepreneur in the early 20th century, becoming the only female African-American millionaire, while overcoming racism, rivals, partners, and family. LeBron James is an executive producer. Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip), Carmen Ejogo (Fantastic Beasts), Blair Underwood (LA Law), Garrett Morris (2 Broke Girls), and stand-up comic Bill Bellamy star. All episodes of release date.


When: 27 March
Where: Netflix

Despite two seasons of mediocre reviews, the Jason Bateman-starrer crime drama is back for a third, with Marty Byrday (Batman) joining hands with his wife Wendy (Laura Linney), the new dynamic witch. Descends into the abyss. The teenage daughter of a local criminal (Julia Garner) is scholarly matched with Bairdes. Tom Palfrey (iron Fist), Jessica Francis Duke (Jessica jones), And Madison Thompson (NCIS) are new to the cast. All episodes of release date.


When: March 29 (required)
Where: Disney + Hotstar

With Disney + 2020 making their way to India with the IPL debut, fans should be able to get their hands on the first Star Wars live-action series. We say “should”, because Hotstar says it doesn’t know anything, even now. Five years after Return of the Jedi, it follows a lone gunman (Pedro Pascal) into the outer edge of the galaxy. Spoiler: You may know it as the show that gave us Baby Yoda.

Mandorian + Is a Most Curious Thing, Just Like Baby Yoda on Disney

Beyond march

We will have a detailed round-up of upcoming TV shows every month, but we already know a little about the future.

Home before Dark / April 3, Apple TV +
Money Heist: Season 4/3 April, Netflix
Insecure: Season 4/13 April, Disney + Hotstar
Run / April 13, Disney + Hotstar
What We Do in the Shadows: Season 2/16 April, Disney + Hotstar
Jacob / Defending on April 24, Apple TV +
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels / April 27, Disney + Hotstar