Sony has showcased the PlayStation 5 UI via a video on its official YouTube channel. This is quite different from the PlayStation UI on the previous console and shows the video ‘Control Center’ which can be accessed at any time by pressing the PS button on the controller and in other areas such as the home screen and newer. Card facility. The Control Center has a line of cards that show news, recent screenshots, game progress and more.

Video posted Sony’s The official PlayStation channel on YouTube is a rehearsal of the new UI that players will get to experience Playstation 5 Launched on 12 November for some regions and then on 19 November for the rest of the world. The 11-minute clip begins with the console restarting from its ‘sleep’ position, where the user leaves directly. This card shows the ‘Control Center’ along with the layout and other options at the bottom. These options can go back to the home screen, check notifications, online, settings, and more.

Coming to the card, they feature news from developers, game screenshots, and then an activity section that has deep integration with the game. This section is designed to “overcome obstacles in gameplay”. It shows sports activities with levels, achievements and more information. Additionally, PlayStation Plus will be able to use official game help in some PS5 games that can prompt the player on how to solve a problem or mission.

The new UI allows players to see what their friends are playing and even see their gameplay. It is also easy to join a party and start a multiplayer game. Screenshot and video can be captured up to 4K resolution on screenshot 5.

Next, the PlayStation 5 UI shows a walkthrough home screen that has “simple and superfast access to everything you need.” Games and media apps have their own independent tabs. Each game will have a hub with more information about that particular game. backward compatible Playstation 4 Games will also be able to use this feature. The PlayStation Store is integrated into the system and is no longer an app. More information on the UI will be shared in the coming weeks.

Will playstation 5 Released In India on 19 November. India’s price for the console remains to be revealed.

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