Sony PlayStation 5 will come with support for popular streaming apps at launch, the company has announced via a blog post. These streaming apps include Apple TV, Netflix, Disney + and more. The PlayStation 5 will be not just a gaming console, but also an entertainment hub, and just like the PlayStation 4 and its support for streaming apps, next-gen consoles will deliver a similar experience, in a more streamlined way. In addition, Media Remote will allow users to navigate and control the entertainment experience.

Phil Rosenberg, Head of Global Parent Development and Relationships shared via a blog post Popular streaming apps will be available on it Playstation 5 At lunch time. These apps include Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, MyCanal, Peacock and more. More applications will be added to future lists.

Apps like Twitch and YouTube will have deep integration with PS5. Users will be able to watch or stream their gameplay on Twitch, as well as live chat with fellow gamers through multiple communities on Twitch, right from the console itself. With YouTube, users can broadcast and share their gameplay moments directly on their YouTube channel.

These streaming services will be available in the dedicated media section on the console’s homepage. As seen in the recently shared UI walkthrough, there are two major tabs on the homepage, one for games and the other for media, allowing players to quickly switch between the two.

The blog states that users will not have to download these entertainment apps through the PS Store, as they previously had to. Also, the new control center makes controlling music easier.

In addition, the media remote for the PS5 will allow users to easily navigate and power the console. The remote has a built-in play / pause button, fast forward and fast rewind, volume adjustment, and power options. There are dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Disney +.

The PlayStation 5 will be launched in select areas next month, with access to the console on November 10 and the rest on November 19, however, the Indian launch date is unclear.

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