With one of the largest gaming conferences in the US seven days away, Sony has announced at the last moment that it will not be participating in PAX East this year. The annual conference, held in Boston in Massachusetts, attracts all the major gaming developers and publishers who get a chance to showcase their work and upcoming projects to the public. A week ago, Sony announced that it would have a demo of The Last of Us Part II to the public, but now, it looks like gamers will have to wait for the final release in late May. Sony said the reason for dropping out of the conference was due to Coronavirus’s growing concerns. This is the first major gaming trade show in 2020 that Sony is skipping, and it has already confirmed that it will not be participating in E3 either later.

The news comes as a big disappointment to many fans, who were eager to try their hand at Sony’s upcoming titles for the PlayStation 4 (PSS). The Last of Us Part II is one of the hottest anticipated titles of this year made by Natalie Dog.

According to Sony’s recent blog post, Gamers will be able to play the game’s demo, most likely the same demo that was given to the media to choose from last year. Along with this, Sony also planned to move other recent and upcoming titles like MediaMolecule’s Dreams, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Nioh 2, Doom Eternal, Spelunky 2 to its demo area. It recently updated the same post to announce that it was pulling out of the conference due to coronovirus fears.

Sony has some big upcoming titles for its current generation of consoles, after which, it will likely devote all its efforts to its next generation console, the PS5. This new console will compete with Microsoft’s upcoming console, dubbed the Xbox Series X, and will support next-gen features such as ray-tracing, 8K resolution support, and native SSD storage. However, the PS5 is still shrouded in mystery, because apart from a few Leaked demo demo We last year and a Official logo shows At CES 2020, we know nothing else. Microsoft has at least teased what its new console will look like but we still don’t know anything about the design of the PS5. Both consoles are expected to launch later in the year, so perhaps, we’ll hear more on the edge of E3.