sms bomber

Before knowing about the best SMS Bomber, you need to know what is bombing. So, basically, bombing is a type of spamming by which you can spam or bomb anyone. In this process, a culprit sends a message or calls or emails several times to disturb the victim, so this stuffs generally called bombing. And the bombing apps keep various big companies APIs. So, you can send messages to the victim for bombing and the messages will be sent through API’s instead of your number.

What is BOMBitUP sms bomber?

BOMBitUP is a bulk SMS sender and the best sms bomber app on the internet. So, Do you want to prank your friend or crash any person’s device that you hated the most? What are you waiting for download BOMBitUP Apk on your device right now? If you search on Google best SMS bomber, then you’ll get tons of results, but they are mostly web-based where you will be irritated with the pop-up ads.

So today I’ll tell you about the best SMS bomber application that is BOMBitUP. Thanks to the developer Sanchit Gera for creating such a wonderful app. The developer updates it regularly and fixes the bugs if any.

So, how the app works?

The app really works well in all android versions from Android KitKat 4.4 to all upper versions with no app crashes at all. You can send up to 99 or 100 messages at a time per number.

Your victim can’t track that you are bombing him/her because the messages that he/she will receive that doesn’t send through your number, the victim will receive SMS from various big companies like Naaptol, Hike, Muffin, etc. through API’s.

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The user interface of the app is very decent and clean because the developer has placed the ads in such a manner that nobody will be disturbed with ads and also has fewer ads as compared to web versions also has no pop-up ads.

But keep in mind that not to use this for your personal revenge because too much bombing will result in device crash.

And never keep this thought in your mind that he/she can’t track yes he/she can’t but if the victim reports it to any forensic researcher or any criminal investigation department than you can be easily caught.

It works on slow connections (2G) perfectly. And the app is totally safe means the will doesn’t show your name, number or any other info to the victim. It totally supports multitasking you can use other apps easily while bombing by minimizing the BombitUp app.

Setup (How to Install)

  1. At first, download BOMBitUP Apk from Here – Download
  2. Install it.
  3. While installing if your “unknown sources” off then turn it on you can get it on the settings security section.sms bomber
  4. Launch the app.sms bomber
  5. Now do the main work, choose to whom you want to bomb from contact or type the number.
  6. Enter the number of times that you want to send the SMS for the bombing.
  7. Now finally click the BOMBit button and Boooooom!!! You’re done.

This article will help you a lot for making prank with your friends or enemies. Comment down if you have any other app for sms bomber.