Mobile gaming in India has been steadily increasing over the past few years and the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic has further enhanced this growth. With people bound within the boundaries of their homes, virtual entanglement has become paramount. Mobile gaming, in particular, has attracted a large number of people and gives them a chance to not only pass the time, but also enjoy it in the safe place of their home. Multiplayer games have allowed players to be with their friends at a time when we were all feeling cut off and isolated.

To understand how this is affecting the sports industry in India, Gadgets 360 spoke with Rajan Navani, Vice President and Managing Director JetSynthesys, Developer of such games Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, WWE Racing Show Down, And Ludo Game: Super Ludo, To discuss the mobile gaming landscape in India and the impact of COVID-19 on the mobile gaming industry.

Gadgets 360: How has the landscape of mobile gaming changed? How do you think COVID-19 is responsible for the change?

Rajan Navani: The Indian gaming landscape has evolved rapidly over the years. Currently, India is already one of the top five markets for mobile gaming in terms of user base driven by the proliferation of smartphones, democratized data and localized content. Mobile has overtaken PC and console not only in India but also the largest gaming category worldwide.

Lockdown has taken this industry forward. People have turned to virtual worlds for work, entertainment and staying connected. Due to this, an increasing number of older people are also playing the game during this period. A recent Nielsen report states that smartphone usage among Indians has increased 9 percent compared to pre-lockdown time of 3 hours 40 minutes per day; The gaming platform seems a clear winner as the time spent on them has increased from 22 percent to 30 percent. At JetSynthesys, we have seen an average 40 percent to 60 percent consumption of our products per user on average during this period.

What is the role of Digital Gaming Society of India?

The Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS) of CII was established in 2018, not for profit organization, to provide a platform for stakeholders in the ecosystem, including the government, Indians on mobile, PC, console To nurture and develop a global opportunity for the gaming market. , And e-sports. The IDGS serves as a catalyst for the Indian digital gaming industry, contributing effectively to India’s economic growth and becoming a trusted global partner. The Society works closely with the Central and State Governments and academics towards enabling the development of the digital gaming industry. IDGS has set a strategic direction to help envision future opportunities for growth in gaming, capabilities, and competition, etc., and to open new avenues of skilling and create more employment opportunities in India. By creating an international network of industry associations, IDGS has enabled access to state-of-the-technology and has helped to establish locally developed technologies in the public and private sector. It is a platform for youth start-ups, gaming community and youth to highlight their creativity and contribute to the country’s digital economy.

Do you still have Sachin’s IP and which is your most successful game?

Yes, in an exclusive partnership with Sachin Tendulkar, we created India’s first motion capture cricket game – Sachin Saga Cricket Champions (Review), The ultimate Little Master cricket experience packed with exciting modes, 108 iconic cricket matches and stadiums located all over the world, and Sachin Saga VR, India’s first virtual reality cricket game to give consumers as a legendary master blaster Lets play cricket. Right on the cricket field. The Sachin Saga is the first innovation of its kind in the VR gaming industry, bringing gamers closer to a vast social and virtual reality experience with their favorite game and its legend, blurring the lines between real games and mobile games is. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions was the first cricket game to have more than a million registrations, and in just one month of its launch, the game surpassed 2 million downloads on the Google Play Store, making it the most downloaded cricket on the platform The game became one of them. And the fastest cricket game to reach this milestone. Currently, the game has seen 15 million + installs and counting. It is one of our favorite sports, however, our biggest success is ahead of us.

We are continuously innovating and investing in technology, talent and quality content and enabling the development of world-class mobile games with high fidelity and network play, deepening our presence in global e-sports, and Strategic partnerships with gaming powerhouses in key markets such as Japan, the United States and Europe are helping us build and create large global IPs. In an exclusive partnership with WWE, we will launch the WWE Racing Show Downdown, a one-of-a-kind, high-octane, vehicle fighting game featuring the best of mobile action, sports and racing. We want to create massive success stories across different demographics, geographies, and socio-economic classes.

What differences have you felt between the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store? What do you like to publish on and why?

For our products, we leverage both the App Store and Google Play Store to expand that audience and diversify the audience we are able to reach out to. We want to ensure that consumers across the board can access all our offerings seamlessly. Unique in its own way, both platforms offer state-of-the-art technology that gives us the opportunity to manage in-app purchases and subscriptions, configure distribution and beta test our app before releasing it. Both platforms offer unique benefits and technical capabilities and as a game developer and publisher, we want to deliver the best experience by reaching the maximum consumer base that these platforms provide.

What is the status of mobile game education in India? Do you have to train your work?

Gaming is the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world except for the movies and music industry. But, in India, the industry quickly gained traction in Western markets and countries such as China and Japan. Gaming is a comparatively new industry in India and began to gain some recognition almost a decade ago. We need a formal academic curriculum in gaming, so that it becomes a mainstream option for students in India. The Indian Digital Gaming Society of CII is promoting digital gaming technology and management as an integrated multi-domain course and facilitating skill development programs for the digital gaming industry through partner organizations.

A professional working in the gaming industry needs to learn to match market quality and rapid innovation. Therefore, to ensure that our employees deliver the best on the products they are working on, we periodically conduct customized internal training to help them adapt And employ knowledge of globally maturing talents while acquiring knowledge and education on the subject. Gaming market.

Is eSports increasing the popularity of mobile games?

Due to the current epidemic, the world of sports has become largely virtual, with athletes now competing through online games.

Additionally, during this time of social disturbance, an increasing number of consumers are playing online games and others are watching them play at home from computer and TV screens. In fact, the eSports Federation of India reported about 264 million Indian gamers, about half of whom joined the online war. To keep this audience engaged, gaming companies across the country are also organizing e-sports tournaments. In addition to offering cash and other prizes, these tournaments offer consumers the opportunity to interact and compete with friends without venturing out from the comfort of their own homes.

Along with JetSynthesys, we are discovering new formats through e-sports ventures that we co-founded – Nodwin Gaming, offering users a subscription-based model for others to play and some games By giving permission.

What are you currently working on?

We recently announced an exclusive partnership with WWE, which features the WWE Racing Showdown, a unique, high-octane, vehicular combat game featuring mobile action, sports and racing. It is currently in the pre-launch phase and will be officially launched later this year. Additionally, we have some other very interesting projects, which we are very excited about, which we will reveal in due time.

Do you see a market for cricket outside India or is it mostly sub-continent?

It is an undisputed fact that cricket is the biggest sport in India; About 70 percent of the ICC’s revenue and 90 percent of the 1 billion cricket fans globally belong to the Indian subcontinent. That being said, the sport’s popularity extends beyond the country, and is well received worldwide. Cricket is a global sport and with IPL and similar formats, the popularity is growing even more worldwide.

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