Runescape Gold

About RuneScape Gold Game

Being in the game for over more than 15 years, and then getting a makeover, ‘RuneScape’ has launched itself again into the arena with its newest form. RuneScape Gold is a fantasy game developed back in JANUARY 4, 2001 and was published by Jagex. Though it was originally a just a browser game that had been made with the Java programming but in 2016, it got replaced by C++. And because it has dominated the game arena so well for so many years, the Guinness World Records has recognized it as well with the game having more than 250 million accounts, still counting and the most updated free MMORPG. For it has been such a popular game, after 17 years of its launch, now the developers have planned to launch the game for both Android and iOS devices.

Runescape Gold

The game has maximum of 99 levels which the players have to reach with the 27 set of skills that they shall be provided with. The players have full control in deciding their play style with no limits on the type of the character that they shall become. They can choose their own goals and objectives and also the players shall be having many combat skills like killing monsters and bosses and they can also have non-combat skills like chopping down trees to build their own houses and fishing or farming as well.

It is estimated that the players would be spending over 6,000 hours to work upon their skills like constructing or fishing or hunting to reach maximum level 99. The total skill level of a player shall be symbolizing one’s status in the game with the total no. of 17 skills available and additional 10 for the members, the game seems quite interesting.

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The players shall also receive ‘Runescape Gold’ which is in-game currency with which they can even purchase various needed weapons or can even trade it with different number of players. During the combat, the players will have to defeat the monsters and the enemies and if during the combat, if the health level of the players comes down to zero, he or she will lose the battle. The monsters or the bosses shall also have of their own strengths and weaknesses knowing which the players would have to defeat them.

Some monsters would be aggressive and some would be non-aggressive that shall only attack the players when t players would themselves attack them. The players can also summon a familiar so as to assist with a combat to be able with the damage and can also use some additional potions to boost their power and health. There are over 184 quests in the game that a players that shall have to complete and if one does that, he or she shall be awarded the ‘Quest Point Cape’ that they can so claim then.

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If one is playing the ‘Player vs. Player’ mode, if a player happens to kill their opponent and win the combat, then the winning player can very easily claim the opponent’s items as their own.

The fame also features some mini-games as well that takes place in some areas and mainly include some specifically related game skills that need the players involved to compete with each other.

Without any doubt, as a game, the RuneScape Gold has the largest community and set of forums that has been provided by the Jagex on its official website. The players here can interact and create an enjoyable and memorable experience with each other in the form of Skype or Discord or just chat or can participate in mini-games and through other IP services. There also exists a ‘Clan chat’ which allows members of a clan to communicate with each other through a separate channel. Because the game is an open world game, it doesn’t seem like violent or a bit offensive to some communities like some other games currently on the platform.