The Last of Us 2 is out June 19. Read our review to expect before you dive into the sport. Released seven years earlier this month, The Last of Us – the award-winning survival horror game from Sony-owned Naughty Dog, written and directed by Neil Druckman – was one of the last major exclusions produced for PlayStation 3. Used a great run for Sony’s previous generation of consoles. Its much-awaited, long-running sequel The Last of Us Part II – also from Dracula to Hailey Wegrin Gross (Done by) As co-authors – now in a similar place, with PlayStation 4 about to be supercuted by PlayStation 5 in late 2020. With the PS4 at the end of its lifecycle, this is also why one of us is loading the last 2 Save game takes up to a minute.

This is a long question. Thank God, Our last 2 There is more and more to that challenge. It forms a much-acclaimed story from the original and spreads over already established themes, most of them stemming from the cycle of violence. Including family bonds, religious intolerance and bigotry, and deceptive revenge with justice. Through this, The Last of Us 2 meets your expectations and forces you to think about the actions of the characters you are feeling. In some ways, it is similar black Panther. From here on, it also circles back forever to the zombie genre of metaphors of humans, being more terrifying, in a post-apocalyptic world. Humans make their choice, zombies cannot.

They have weighty topics to deal with and so The Last of Us 2 is as depressed, depressing and morbid as its predecessor due to the atmosphere, setting and background score of Gustavo Santiola. This has become more so since you are playing the story of an epidemic in an epidemic hunting world. With every attack etched on the faces of the characters of every fight, the violence and the trappings of its fight, which grapples with the things they do to survive. The fact that you are actively participating makes it a lot more inconvenient than watching someone in a movie. Our last 2 intercepts these with some light moments, but they are so few and far between that you want to take a break and chew on something lighter.

The final time of Us 2 opens around the original ending, with Joel (voiced by Troy Baker) telling his brother Tommy (Jeffrey Pearce) what happened in the hospital at the end of the first game, the truth of that. Was hidden from Ellie (Ashley Johnson). Shortly thereafter, Joel visited Ellie, his new home inside the colony in Jackson, Wyoming. There seems to be a distance and coldness between the two, possibly brought on by their final conversation in The Last of Us, but after Joel Thales presents Ellie with a guitar and plays Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” , As well as fulfilled the promise. A foreshadowing of the events in her first game and the last of Us 2.

One morning after five years, Ellie wakes up with her new friend Jessie (Stephen Chang). Their exchange reveals that Ellie kissed the night before Jessie’s ex-girlfriend Dinah (Shannon Woodward), who confirms her sexuality in the main game, having been introduced in the prequel expansion Our Key of the Last: Last Back. Outside the Jackie slum, Ellie and Dina set out on a regular patrol mission, but after learning some bad news it became too much. He eventually acquires characters from Seattle, Washington, most of the action in The Last of Us 2, which includes the Washington Liberation Front and a Christian cult known as the Seraphites.

The ravaged, overgrown city of Seattle brings a glimpse of the open world to The Last of Us 2, which was missing from the first game. Armed with a map, you can roam and find new locations to investigate, which will provide you with additional supplies or help you progress in your main quest. Although it is mostly optional. At times, The Last of Us 2 offers an opportunity to play with other characters, but we cannot say more because Sony has dissuaded critics from discussing it. And as the central story focuses more on time than before, The Last of Us 2 deepens the experience with the use of flashbacks, which are also the gateway to its happier sections.

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Ellie claims to have hidden her movements in The Last of Us 2
Photo Sincerely: Naughty Dog / Sony

In terms of gameplay, it’s a bit ridiculous – though, sadly, the typical game with a skill tree – that the last of our 2 makes you want to refill some skill sets, (at least one) before the characters. Have already done this since last game. Thankfully, The Last of Us 2 expands on the capabilities available from the start. Now you can lie prone to extra stealth. You can dodge enemy melee attacks. Now you can climb the ropes and swing. And upgrades – new and old – are divided into branches, including “Survival” (listen mode speed, health kit), “crafting” (melee upgrades, smoke bombs), and “stealth” (silencer, prone motion). And of course, you can still do everything from the original, whether it’s riding horses or pitting zombies and humans against each other.

Partially improved on us as a mechanic in The Last 2, partly thanks to the introduction of Slope. While crouching helps you hide in tall grass, you will need to do the same for short grass. You can also crawl under vehicles and objects to keep your cover. Sound design and scores, which hang ominously on the game, also serve as gameplay tools, which let you know the danger. But The Last of Us 2 also secretly knocks back with the introduction of a new enemy: Dogs. In fact, for all the new obstacles that come your way – including the new zombie “Shamblers”, which leaves a cloud of acid to damage the area – the guard dogs are the hardest to deal with, because of their movements. You can find out and lead others right to you. To lose them, you will need to craft a distraction or drive away.

For those who have problems with fighting in general, you’ll be happy to know that The Last of Us 2 is more accessible with five difficulty options. It is more accessible to differently-abled players who are hard of hearing or have low vision. Naughty Dog claims that The Last of Us 2 is the most accessible game to date. This is all the more important in a title that makes heavy use of the dark and barely lit indoors. It is a by-product of the posterior world, along with nothingness – is light on the older graphics rendering engine of the PS4, which can instead focus on details on faces, important for viewers to connect with and relate to the characters is. .

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Ellie and Dinah in the last of us 2
Photo Sincerely: Naughty Dog / Sony

If you keep your eyes peeled between dark interiors, you can place a PS Vita and PS3 among several Easter eggs. Although The Last of Us 2 is set in 2038, its world is frozen in 2013 when the outbreak of the pandemic occurred before the arrival of PS4. But as the PS4 prepares to exit centerstage in the real world, The Last of Us 2 is a fitting swansong for the best-selling console that dwarfed its primary competition when the 2010 console was built. Will likely boost PS5 sales, as Sony has not yet promised its equivalent Xbox smart delivery. And for largely good reason, if you can see the financial objectives at heart here.

Shortly after the release of The Last of Us, Druckman said If he can deliver something at the level of Godfather Part II, he will be open for the sequel. That inspiration has taken, apparently, through the authority of the name: The Last Part II. But despite the followings and accolades showered on the original, it was no godfather. The padding required for video games contained within the concepts of level design resembles the way pacing. Nevertheless, The Last of Us 2 reaches where it is counted. It is torturing, it is brutal, and it is a sucker punch, through the posts it puts you to drive home what a change of perspective can do. As stated, every villain is the protagonist of his story – and vice versa.


  • The story blows expectations
  • Background score and sound design
  • Hitting feels personal
  • Open world equality
  • Availability option


  • Can be very sick for some
  • Skill tree reset is very game-y
  • PS5 may need to be repurchased

Rating (out of 10): 9

Gadgets 360 reviewed The Last of Us 2 on PS4. The game is available worldwide on June 19. it costs Rupees. 3,999 in India.