Resident Evil 3 will follow the remake trend following last year’s remake of Evil 2, which got fans excited by the series. The RE3 remake will soon get a playable demo, its developers Capcom announced. While there is no official release date for the demo, fans are quite excited. The full game will be released on April 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and this remake will have some changes, including the removal of the Live Selection feature. This feature allowed players to choose the actions taken by your characters in areas of the story.

Official Twitter Account of Resident Evil Shared This demo is on the way, along with a neat reference to the game protagonist, “It was written in STARS …” There is also a picture of Jill Valentine, Carlos and Nemesis in all their remake glory.

The original Live Selection ‘option present in the original live game, Resident Evil: Nemesis, gave players the opportunity to choose from one of two options, which would decide the next action taken by Jill. There was limited time to decide and that would affect how the game proceeded. Capcom This confirms that it will not include the live selection in the upcoming remake.

Resident Evil 3, co-creator of Pete Fabiano, Spoke And shared with GameSpot why they decided to skip the live selection and said, “So with [remake]The director wanted to tell a coherent story with Jill, and how he and Carlos overcome Nemesis and eventually escape to Racon City. We wanted to keep it completely cohesive, so that you have an eccentric, more coherent narrative. “

The Resident Evil 3 remake will also feature a revamped camera system that gives you an over-the-shoulder perspective. The story will remain the same.