Realme has announced that the company is “taking orders” for its products starting today – after the central government relaxed restrictions on delivery of non-essential goods across the Orange and Green zones across India. However, the company is not taking orders from areas which are marked as red zones by the government. Currently, customers residing in the Orange and Green zones can purchase Realme products, including Realme smartphones and smart bands from websites and e-commerce sites. Customers in protected areas can also see that some Realme products are out of stock and they can receive updates about their availability by selecting the “Notify Me” option.

according to a Notification Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), e-commerce platforms such as Adventuress And Flipkart One can now take orders for non-essential products such as smartphones, televisions and laptops and distribute them in green and orange areas marked by the government. Similarly, delivery of non-essential goods to the Red Zone is prohibited across the country. My true formTherefore, announced that the company would distribute its products to non-restricted areas across the country, “following the government’s revised directives.”

“We are ready to take orders from May 4 on our order, we ensure that we can serve our customers to the best of our ability and sustain our capabilities to the best” said.

Customers can purchase Realme products including Realme smartphones and bands through the company’s website. However, some customers may notice that the product concerned is out of stock even though it is in a safe area, and therefore, they can receive updates about its availability by selecting the Notify me option. For example, we were able to verify that many Realme products are included Realme X50 Pro, To Realme 6, And Realme band Some were available to purchase in the Orange Zone. However, the same products were out of stock in areas marked as Orange and Green. The products were “not available” for purchase in a red zone like Delhi, with all 11 districts marked as red.

realme6 buynow greenzone realme realme

Realme website showing “Buy Now” option for Realme 6 after entering green zone PIN code

Similarly, we tried to buy similar products on Amazon and Flipkart using the same PIN code as Amazon Zone and Green Zone. Both websites provided a “buy now” option with an estimated delivery time between 4 and 14 days.

Real Greenzone Flipkart

Flipkart showing ‘Buy Now’ option for Realme 6 after entering Orange Zone PIN code
Photo courtesy: Flipkart

In March, Realme was Announced That the company has extended the warranty period till May 31 on all its products. This warranty extension applies to products including Realme smartphones, wearables and more, whose warranties expire between March 20 and April 20.

Currently, India is under lockdown till 17 May. The government has recently classified red, orange, and green based on the number of coronovirus cases. This decision was taken by the government to curb the spread of the novel. Coronavirus.

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