PUBG Mobile has added a new event to its verdant Sanhok map. It’s called Relic Hunt where players need to collect relics. To get them, you need to complete the daily missions and once collected, they can be exchanged for rewards like costumes, parachute skins, some RP cards. weapon skins etc. The Relic Hunt challenge will be on till July 7, 2020. Season 13 of the game will end at the same date.

The battle royale game gives you five daily missions to be eligible to collect relics. For example, the set of tasks may include completing 1 Classic match, completing 3 Classic matches, spending a total of 60 minutes in the game, finishing in the top 10 once in Classic mode and completing a Classic match while in a group with friends.The set of missions will vary from day to day.
The game recently added Bloodhawk Warrior, Jungle Prey and Silverback skin sets. Also, an upgraded version of the Erangel map may soon be added to PUBG Mobile. Tencent Games added a new version of Erangel in the Chinese beta version Game For Peace (also known as Peacekeeper Elite) sometime back and it is rumoured to launch globally sometime soon. The upgraded map is expected to have a new routing planner and also better graphics, with the buildings and the other structures getting a more refined and detailed look. With the map, an Ultra-HD option is also rumoured to come to compatible devices.