A couple of days back, PUBG Mobile confirmed the upcoming exclusive map — Livik– for the game via a Twitter post from their official handle. Now, the developer of the game has confirmed the final release date of the map via another tweet posted earlier today. The tweet confirms that the popular battle royale game is set to receive its next major update version 0.19.0 on July 7 that will also include the touted Livik map alongside other new features and changes.
The tweet reads, “On July 7th, update 0.19.0 launches along with the first-ever PUBG MOBILE exclusive Map Livik 🏔️. Are you ready to face this new challenge head-on? Get in on the action now 👉 https://pubgmobile.live/SecretMap”
Going by the tweet, we can assume that the update 0.19.0 will also bring new challenges based on the Livik map which will allow players to earn more in-game rewards such as weapons, cosmetics and more.
As already mentioned, Livik is an exclusive map for PUBG Mobile. However, it is also the smallest among others and each match in this map will only last for 15 minutes. Along with that, each match will take place between 50 players instead of the usual 100 players. Developers have already confirmed that the new map will also bring some new exclusive weapons which includes P90 SMG, MK12 burst-fire sniper rifle with a new tactical element and some improvement to attachments.
The map is already available to play on the beta version of the game by the name of ‘Secret Map’. So, those who are looking to give the new map a try before its final release can download the PUBG Mobile Beta.