PUBG Mobile introduced a major update earlier this month, featuring a ton of fresh content such as a new TDM arena map, an all-new domination mode, light snowmobile vehicles, and more. Now, PUBG Mobile has announced the Spring Spring Party to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. As part of the Spring Party event, players get a chance to win a special costume that they can keep permanently. But to win one, players must collect items and manufacture lanterns in the game, and may even hold off on winning the promised reward with friends.

The PUBG Mobile Spring Party event starts today and will run until February 6. Speaking of this purpose, players will have to participate in classic matches and collect up to ten material bags each day. Each bag contains items that will be used to make parts of the lantern, called stages. The players will be awarded by the organization once they gather all the necessary steps. According to the teaser shared by PUBG Mobile, the dress will be a traditional Chinese dress with contrasting red and golden color scheme.

If players miss out on certain items, they can exchange or share surpluses with friends to complete their set and win a reward. Once the event is live, PUBG mobile players can visit the game’s official Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as play store and app store listings to earn bag redemption codes. However, details about other awards awaiting them after using the redemption code have not yet been revealed. It should be noted that specialized organizations are usually available for a limited time in PUBG Mobile and leave after the conclusion of the same event. However, the Spring Party organization is permanent and will remain in the players’ collection after the conclusion of the event.

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