The trailer of PUBG Mobile Season 14 has been leaked according to a report – which is expected to arrive just before the new season. A short video was shared by a YouTuber and is said to be a trailer for the upcoming season. YouTuber also states that the upcoming season will be called ‘Spark the Fame’. The video shows what appears to be some new skins for the players as well as vehicles to expect from season 14.. As of now, PUBG Mobile has not officially shared any details of the upcoming season which is expected to happen soon.

Movies deployment of by PUBG Mobile The channel Mr. Ghost Gaming shows a short 1-minute clip called the official trailer of season 14. It starts with a car chase in the desert in Mad Max skinned vehicles. It also showcases some pairs of new player skins, headgear and costumes that may be part of the new Royale pass. This is followed by some clips of the new Livik map and its various areas including a volcano and some icy mountains.

YouTuber also shared that the Diamond Tier in Season 14 will have a new skin for the M24 sniper rifle, and the 100RP awards include a helmet skin, an M416 assault rifle skin, a dash and a Uz vehicle skin.

PUBG Mobile has not shared the release date for season 14, but since season 13 ends on July 12, the next season should begin shortly. Additionally, PUBG is mobile Tweeted That next update – 0.19.0 – will be released on 7 July for PUBG Mobile which comes with a new Live Map. In a different Tweet, The company teased a new Yamaha bike, which will soon come into play without an actual date.

The vehicle is already present in the Chinese version of the game, Peace for Peace, and is now making its way to the global version. Furthermore, it is unclear whether this will be a skin for the existing bike in the game or a completely new bike.

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