PUBG Mobile Lite is a more streamlined version of PUBG Mobile, aimed at smartphones that have relatively low-end specifications. It has now received a new update which brings a new mode with some other changes and features. Version 0.17.0 Mode for PUBG Mobile Lite adds payload mode ‘which was added to regular PUBG Mobile last year. Additionally, the 0.17.0 update also brings some map changes, combat improvements, and some balance to PUBG Mobile Lite. The company says the update is now live on the Play Store in select areas.

What’s new in version 0.17.0

Payload mode

PUBG Mobile Lite Payload mode is available with new updates. It was mode First offered In PUBG Mobile Last year. The attack adds new weapons to helicopters and other vehicles, as well as “high-octane chicken dinners”. In PUBG Mobile Lite, payload mode brings two new vehicles, an armored BRDM-2 tank and a helicopter. The modes include lootable weapons, a new grenade launcher, and surface-to-air missiles. This mode can be played in single or maximum four player teams.

Other additions to PUBG Mobile Lite

There have also been some map changes in the game. A new spawn island has been added to Vernaga, as well as mysterious archaeological sites around the map for players to explore. In addition, Spring Festival content such as Cherry Blossom Trees and Picnic Baskets has been removed from the 0.16.0 update.

Combat improvements include the re-balancing of Desert Eagle pistols, SMGs and pistol damage, along with the ability to summon the BRDM-2 using a flare gun in classic mode. The reward system in PUBG Mobile Lite has been updated in the new theme system Summer Beach and Ramadan. ‘Players purchasing the new Winner Pass for the first time will receive additional point cards.

Improvements in the synergy system include new works of BFF, Buddy and Bromance. The company says that more emotions can be unlocked as the synergy increases. Several feature adjustments and bugs have been fixed, including bonus challenges, main menu UI, player return events, companion system, and more.

According to the press release, version 0.17.0 is available in the update Play store For select areas including South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. It reveals more details about some hidden updates coming to the game in June.

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