PUBG Mobile has introduced a new anti-chat measure that prevents users from taking undue advantage of the spectrate mode. The developers say that players were able to take advantage of the spectrate mode by using two devices to pinpoint in-game enemy players and gain undue advantage. Now with the new anti-chip implementation, only what is visible to the active player will be visible to the audience, preventing the pin from indicating the enemy location. Additionally, the developers have also announced that the “One-Shot Kill” cheat issue has been fixed.

PUBG Mobile Implemented a new peer review mechanism that will determine in real time in spectro mode whether a given player is visible from the point of view of the game host and then decide whether to pass that data to the viewer. Explain on developers Website The spectrum system consists of three factors, the host, the game server and the viewer. It was noted that the cheaters were able to use two devices to indicate the location of the enemy.

“Rookie user will use two mobile phones. The host will play the match as usual and get to use the X-ray vision plug-in to deceive the audience. “Now, the game server will determine in real time whether the player is actually visible in the host’s view. If not, the location data of the other players will not be transmitted to the viewer.

Developers add the theater to PUBG Mobile that will not be able to modify game data as this new mechanism monitors data in real time. It “strongly guarantees the safety and reliability of the proposal,” the post reads.

In addition, PUBG mobile developers have also announced via a press release that the ongoing cheat that kills players with one shot and deactivates their screens. The team said it would not show restraint to the fraudsters and the Chatters would be issued a 10-year ban from the game.

This is part of the new Tantra: Project: Ban Pan ‘campaign which was introduced last year.

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