PUBG Mobile may get a major update of its popular Erangel map. Following the re-authenticated Miramar map called Miramar 2.0, it appears that a revised version of its most played map, Erngel, has been revealed through the beta of the Chinese version PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace. Trangatively named Erangel 2.0, the new map comes with new features, mechanics and graphical improvements. It is expected that since the new map is featured in the Chinese version of the game, it will soon make its way to the global version.

PUBG Mobile Orange 2.0

according to a Report good By SportsKida, the map has received many changes and improvements for both mechanics and graphics. Erangel 2.0 has been added to the beta of the Chinese version PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile is called Game for Peace in China). It brings features like route planners, refreshed graphics, vehicle control optimization and Ultra HD graphics.

route planner: The route planner feature helps to plan a path in advance. According to the report, players will have to mark several locations that will be used as waypoints, creating a planned route to get from one place to another. This allows players to know where to go next without opening the map several times.

Ultra HD Graphics Settings: The Ultra HD graphics settings option has been added to the beta version of Game for Peace. In particular, this feature exists in the global version of the main PUBG mobile, but not the beta version.

Vehicle control optimization: Deep vehicle control customization has also been added to the beta version of Game for Peace, along with the new Erangel 2.0 map. This allows players to customize their controls when they sit in a vehicle. Reportedly, the layout of the buttons can be rearranged and placed on the screen, such as movement and shooting controls. PUBG lets mobile players pick from three different control schemes, but does not allow customizing the position of buttons.

Refreshed graphics: According to the report, Erngel 2.0 has improved graphics which means the level of detail has been increased. The interiors of the buildings are said to be more elaborate, some other structures have also been modified, and the colors have been slightly twisted.

So far, there is no information on when the revised map will make its way to the global version of the game. Miramar’s map was remade in PUBG Mobile last month Update 0.18.0 And Erangel is due to the same. Additionally, a Secret map PUBG is also present in the beta version of mobile, however, it is unlikely that this is the revised Erangel map.

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