PUBG Mobile users will soon have a chance to pick up Mami, Sandstorm, and more mythological monsters as possible details have been leaked from the upcoming Ancient Secret program. Expected to hit the smartphones soon after the 14th season, this new mode will see PUBG mobile gamers battle for top tier loot on the Erangel map. Three ancient buildings, designed to resemble ancient Egyptian architecture, will also reportedly be added. To make things more interesting, these structures will soon start to rise high in the air.

According to a Gameplay video In the new mode, shared on YouTube by Royal Kraken, the game will begin like a regular matchup on the Errangel map. However, massive sandstorms will soon cover the screen, showing a huge sandy figure within a massive structure. This monster would then help materialize three buildings that look directly out of ancient Egypt.

The real fun begins when players land on these new structures, which can appear anywhere on the map. These buildings will suddenly start flying high around the world and the only way for players to get out safely may be with the help of parachutes or if they hope to go down through flying structures in some way.

In the mode, players can also go up against a demonic mummy to win top level guns and armor. Loot is also expected to be of the highest class in these flying structures. So far, it is unclear whether players will spawn randomly in this mode.

recently the leak, PUBG mobile player Mr.GHOST GAMING revealed a trailer for the upcoming season 14 Youtube Channel. The trailer featured several map designs ranging from Mad Max-inspired vehicles as well as open deserts to eradication of volcanoes. The video also states that the upcoming season will be titled “Spark the Flame”.

The current season ends on 12 July Tweet The new update, 0.19.0, by PUBG Mobile, is expected to arrive on 7 July.

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