Yogesh Yadav is a young man from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, known in the Indian gaming world as “GXR Celtz Roxo”. She started her journey with PUBG Mobile for fun. But when he left his hometown for higher studies, he found a bright career in the field of esports. The 19-year-old entered the competitive market of gamers and streamers in January this year, participating in the semi-annual regional esports tournament PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020 and between $ 1,100-1,800 (approximately Rs 81-300-300) Started earning. , 33,000) as a month’s salary UAE-based esports organization Galaxy Racer eSports play for 10–12 hours a day.

It came suddenly last week, when the Indian government Banned Along with the game PUBG Mobile Lite And 116 other apps and games that come from China-based companies. Yadav, and many of his fellow athletes, were left in the dark.

Yadav said, “I was being paid for the hard work I had to do.” “However, the PUBG ban has greatly affected competitive players like me.”

PUBG Mobile One of the most popular games in India, with over five crore people downloading the game. This is about three out of every 10 Indians. Unlike video games on your computer or game console, PUBG Mobile has a wide following in India, as it will run smoothly on almost any phone.

If you have Rs. 10,000, you won’t be able to play Fortnite – another game in the same genre that is extremely popular in the US. But PUBG will do. Due to the millions of Indians who do not have high-end laptops, game consoles or iPhones, PUBG Mobile became a national pastime. Until it was.

Yogesh yadav celtz roxx image yogesh yadav

Yogesh Yadav aka “Keltz Roxx” started his journey with PUBG Mobile just for fun

The effect of this ban will be felt mostly by young Indians like Yadav, who hail from small towns and dream big. TencentChinese company developed and distributed games for Korean PUBG CorporationSpent a lot of money in India, sponsoring tournaments and independent streamers, and with the restriction, depended on the entire economy PUBG Is disintegrating. While gamers will find other titles to keep themselves entertained, will this replacement be accessible to people across India, or will gaming again retreat to a more privileged location?

G I want to watch PUBG, I want to play PUBG ‘
Sanjida Taranum, a resident of Delhi, whose father is a private contractor in the textile industry and mother is a housewife, is an active PUBG mobile streamer, Youtube The channel is called Brosis Gummer. She told Gadgets 360 that the ban is affecting the lives of all the major streamers who regularly streamed the game.

“there [is a large] Mass of audience only for PUBG, “said the 24-year-old dreamer.” If I play a different game on the stream, they [the audience] Keep saying, why are you playing this game, just turn it off, play another game, I want to watch PUBG, I want to play PUBG. ”

To continue engagement on YouTube, that title is also streaming Valorant And Gta v – But this is not an easy road. Taranum said that after the ban, she began to see a decline in both views and revenue.

sanzeeda tarannum brosis gamer image sanzeeda tarannum

Sanzeeda Tarannum of YouTube channel BRosis Gamer says that PUBG Mobile has a large audience

And it is not just names like Yadav and Taranum. The top streamers in the country, who came from all parts of India and all walks of life, are also facing uncertainty due to the indefinite ban.

Paridhi Khullar aka Rav3n, a game streamer in India with over 2.24 lakh subscribers on YouTube, lives in Indore and started his career as a digital marketer before venturing into gaming, told Gadgets 360 that Streamers and their viewers were affected by the ban between connections and bonding.

The 23-year-old Khullar said, “We used to think that by 2023, India would become such a popular place for gamers to become such a popular place for parents that parents would finally take it as a profession for their children Will give. “But because of the whole ban, I suspect that is something that will happen.”

He said the ban would bring a major impact on revenue as well as his ideas.

“Even my parents would have second thoughts about whether they should let me continue gaming because at the end of the day, you have to earn something,” she said.

Hobby gamers are also distressed by the ban as PUBG was a major source of their distraction from the outbreak of mobile coronaviruses.

“When everything was under lockdown, PUBG’s interactive features provided me with a confluence of real-world social interaction. It was a stress-buster for me, “Mustafa Sentwala, 26, who played the game on an hourly basis with nine friends, such as Cited By Reuters.

A basic structure for Indian gaming
PUBG Mobile has been credited as one of the major sources that has given a boost to gaming and esports in India. According to data shared by Censor Tower, the game, which is just a mobile version of the original PUBG, received 185 million downloads in the country, while its lightweight version, called PUBG Mobile Lite, banned 9.24 million downloads. The Indian market has been given. This is about half of all PUBG mobile game downloads in the country.

Kruz Chappell, Mobile Insights Strategist, EMEA, Sensor Tower said, “PUBG Mobile has a huge userbase in India – about 24 percent of game stores and Google Play downloads come from the country.”

In the beginning Launched in canada, PUBG Mobile reached Indian market – with US and other countries – in March 2018. The game saw huge popularity in India due to the large base of smartphone manufacturers in India. But apart from gamers, it attracted various organizations across the country and brought business to many Indian startups for growth in the gaming world.

Ishaan Arya, co-founder and head of eSports Club Company, an eSports club, told Gadgets 360 that a large part of the imports in and around India was centered around PUBG Mobile, as it was the driving force for the whole Was one of Industry.

The ban on PUBG Mobile will hurt these organizations and the young streamers and players who have created the ecosystem, pointing out that it will not affect the company’s cooffers.

The Chapel of the Censor Tower told Gadgets 360 that $ 41.3 million in revenue from India so far (about Rs 304.95 crore) came into play. The game, however, earned revenue of $ 3.5 billion (approximately Rs 25,750 crore) globally, putting India at around one percent of the company’s earnings.

Winter has come
The ban on PUBG mobiles in India is likely to affect investment made by various organizations to promote Indian gaming and promote the environment.

“We think the ban on Chinese apps will do more harm than good because it will have a significant impact on both players and industry in India,” said Daniel Ahmed, senior analyst at Niko Partners. “The move will not only prevent Chinese investment in India, but global investors may see India as too much of a risk to invest.”

Abhishek Aggarwal, managing director of gaming and escort network company Trinity Gaming, told Gadgets 360 that the ban would adversely affect both the sector and content creators, leading to a 10-20 percent drop in the content creation side over the next few months.

Indian companies, including Entity Gaming, a popular name in the world of PUBG mobile tournaments, who handle the TSM Entity PUBG mobile team in partnership with US-based esports organization team SoloMid (TSM), see disruption but only in a short period of time.

“We were fortunate enough to have organization and brand partners with us,” said Nirav Rukhana, CEO of Entity Gaming. However, it is not PUBG Mobile that they have invested. He has invested in entity gaming, which is a big picture. If I look at the big picture, it is more about gaming in India, eSports in India is who they want to partner with. This will disrupt the normal flow of the partnership, but it all depends on how we see it in the long run. “

The gaming industry in India is built around PUBG, it cannot be denied. Although Entity Gaming may be able to continue through international tournaments in various sports, the larger industry will certainly be affected – the money coming into gaming was reportedly driven by viewers, and with PUBG Mobile dropping out of the picture , Gaming shrinks into a more privileged one. Space.

A TSM spokesperson told Gadgets 360 that for its team in India, the company was exploring several options and no decision had been made yet.

The spokesman added, “We are sorry to hear about the ban, and hope that the situation can be resolved, so players and fans alike can continue to connect with their passion for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile.” “

However, as there has been a lot of deliberation, professional gamers like Yadav and Taranum have no clarity on whether they will remain relevant in the market. Anti-China sentiment, which is considered as the major reason for the ban, is likely to play an important role in shaping the future of gamers in the country.

Arya of The Esports Club told Gadgets 360 that escorts athletes and streamers were unwilling to put themselves in a position where they are seen as holding their interest above the national interest because that is the reason behind the ban.

Nevertheless, Galaxy Racer Paul Roy, CEO of eSports, assured Gadgets 360 that it would continue to support its current players in the country.

He said, we are committed to our players and we will continue to support them fully. We are also committed to the Indian esports scene and to increase our presence in India, ”he said.

Ban as an opportunity?
While a large part of the gaming and escort environments do not ignore the negativity that comes with the ban, the removal of the game has also been viewed by some as an opportunity to move beyond PUBG Mobile.

“A vacuum has been created, and every vacuum we’ve seen in the industry has a positive and negative end,” said Agarwal of Trinity Gaming.

Some believe that through the ban, game publishers and developers will have the opportunity to inject their presence in the Indian mobile gaming ecosystem.

“its [the ban] Obviously not very good news for Chinese publishers who want to work in the country, but for other publishers, there is an opportunity to bring millions of players to their games, ”Craig of Sensor Tower.

Expulsion From PUBG Mobile Apple App Store And Google play Has inspired to see the already existing ecosystem in the country Call of duty: mobile And Free fire As two close choices.

The one that will be hard to change, however, is the community that was built around PUBG Mobile. And while these games will see downloads, retaining users will be a challenge. However, most are not clear whether the companies behind them will be willing to spend to build an ecosystem in the same way.

“We believe that sports [PUBG Mobile] There has been a category builder to watch esports and gaming in India, ”said Akshat Rathe, founder and managing director of NODWIN Gaming, the organizer of the esports tournament. “Depending on what has been invested, it is difficult to change and iterate. We believe that the players and the community will leave the game at least three months in advance.

Shortly after the PUBG ban came into force last week, Indian sports industry giant Vishal Gondal and actor Akshay Kumar Started promoting FAU-G In PUBG Mobile as Indian Answer. The game, developed by game publisher nCore Games, however, is unlikely to arrive anytime soon. Gondal said in a media interview that it would be Debut until the end of october.

However, Indian professional gamers and streamers are not bringing any popular alternative to PUBG mobiles to the country.

“That’s because escort and gaming is something that came to India recently,” Khullar said. “If we are going to compare it with some of the biggest international names, we lack it.”

Perimeter Khullar rav3n image Perimeter Khullar

Paridhi Khullar aka Ravan never brings India closer options to PUBG Mobile

Arya of The Esports Club also said that the announcement FAU-G Was more of a marketing ploy that was initially somewhat larger than its makers.

“मुझे नहीं लगता कि वे खुद को प्रतिस्पर्धा और शून्य को भरने के लिए देख रहे हैं जो उनके खेल के साथ PUBG है और जिस तरह का अनुभव वे इसके साथ पेश करना चाहते हैं,” उन्होंने कहा।

क्या यह सब लंबे समय तक नहीं है?
दूरसंचार मंत्रालय और सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी मंत्रालय ने अपनी प्रेस विज्ञप्ति में PUBG मोबाइल और अन्य 117 ऐप और गेम्स पर प्रतिबंध की घोषणा करते हुए स्पष्ट रूप से उल्लेख नहीं किया कि यह लंबे समय तक रहेगा। हालाँकि, मुख्य मुद्दा चीन के साथ संबंध के कारण प्रतीत होता है। PUBG Corporation ने समस्या को समझा है और निर्णय लिया अब PUBG मोबाइल फ्रैंचाइज़ी को शेन्ज़ेन स्थित प्राधिकृत नहीं करें Tencent खेल देश में।

यह कहते हुए कि, सरकार अभी तक इस बात पर स्पष्टता प्रदान नहीं कर पाई है कि PUBG Corporation के नवीनतम कदम से देश में उसके प्रतिबंध पर प्रभाव पड़ेगा।

क्या सरकार को यह बताना चाहिए कि चीनी ऐप्स पर प्रतिबंध क्यों लगाया गया? We discussed it Of class, Our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe through Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or RSS, Download episode, Or simply hit the play button below.