PUBG for PC and console received its 8.1 update, which brings a revised Sanhok map, a loot truck, an updated Survivor Pass and many other gameplay improvements. Sanok, which is the smallest map in PUBG, has been reunited, along with many other areas, with landslides, ruined areas such as ruins, gateways (previously docks) and airfields (formerly Mongnai). Simultaneously the weather has become active again. The 8.1 update brings a new rank weather, sound changes, and performance improvements.

PUBG 8.1 update features and changes

Developers previously shared patch notes For updates with all the changes and improvements via a post on Reddit, as they were previously available in the test server. Now, all these changes are live in the standard PC and console version PUBG. Players should see an update on their respective platforms.

Sunhoek again: Key areas of the map have been remodeled. These areas include Bootcamp, Quarry, Airfield (formerly Mongnai), Gateway (formerly Docks), Ruins, Mountains, Caves, Rivers, Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong, and Bhan. The arrangement of the buildings in the bootcamp has been changed, bridges have been added to the quarry, and the ruins have been built into a massive maze.

Smash Truck: Trucks move around the map in various garages and drive through small or large lootable containers. When destroyed, the truck leaves top-level loot, including special weapon loot. Trucks are only available in non-ranked matches.

Survivor Pass: Payback: Survivor Pass has been updated with the new season 8 and brings the Mission tab adjustment, additional challenge missions, changes to season missions, and Survivor Pass XP changes.

Gameplay Changes: Can improve gas. Players may be allowed to equip the gas compartment in the melee weapon slot, explosions are diverted, fuel can be dropped and set on fire, and gas is also thrown. can go. There are many matchmaking changes in the NA, SA, OC areas.

Season 8 Changes: The ranks have been reset and Vikendi has been added to the ranked match set. The rules laid down for rank matches have also been changed. Survival Mastery XP available per match is now set to 1500XP.

Other changes: The PUBG 8.1 update improves performance by optimizing redundant processes, reducing during icon loading, optimizing physical objects to improve CPU performance, and more. Footstep sounds have been remodeled for improved positional accuracy. There are also some UI changes, social changes, and bug fixes.

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