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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Game Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 or PES 2019 has made an interesting distinction in the gaming world. The game is not just about football but more about the guys playing football. It completely focuses their individual techniques, behaviours and tendencies to make the game livelier for the players.

The game has developed over time and its biggest development is their new feature called Magic Moments. The new feature refers to a set 39 RPG-like traits which are distributed across the players giving them their own personality. Like Kevin De Bruyne only in the game can hit the ferocious shot that rifles into the net and Ronaldo’s headshot are practically laser guided. It has also added some new moves, which affects their fighting spirit, man marking, and super sub. The best part is the animations that start to happen automatically, which makes players distinct to control as they are to watch.

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The update contributes to emulating football’s intangibles. Liverpool’s Henderson’s captaincy reduces the fatigue of the players with Neymar’s craftiness which lets the players win free kicks in the game. These hallmarks have brought an extra element in the game that adds authenticity without making it seem unfair like Henderson is in real life and how motivational he is.

As a result, the players of the game transcend their traits and the unique quality in them which brings success to the team. If you have little base knowledge about football, you will appreciate the game more other than just casually playing it. A die heart fan knows their team’s stamina and their endurance. Magic Moments feature impacts the game thus need to be highlighted.

The other distinct player behaviours seen are the “playing styles”. The behaviours of the players now can be controlled like Harry Kane lingering in the box, Bayern’s keeper Manuel Neuer racing off his line to intercept wayward balls.  The teams are full of individuals with specific weaknesses and strengths and it adds more to their way of strategising the game.

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The animation is crafted so perfectly that every shot looks tremendous and unique.  The players in the game are more active than before. Players will push for position, clattering into each other which seem realistic and then attacking for the goal. Goalkeepers have finally seen enhancements for them in the game. They’re essentially useless when they rush off the goal line, regularly failing to close down an attacking player’s angles, but this is where all the faults end.

Each number one player’s ability as a shot-stopper has seen a marked improvement. Just like elsewhere on the pitch, goalkeepers have been blessed with a range of new animations that throw out their previously robotic nature. They will pull off some eye-catching save moves, getting to shots destined for the top corner, or just generally making themselves look as big as possible in order to get something, anything, on an incoming shot.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019’s online servers are amazingly steady, considering the series’ history of troubled connections. We didn’t encounter any noticeable latency across dozens and dozens of online matches played. Meanwhile, myClub introduces a few changes to its Ultimate Team-esque formula. You can also see our latest post on best gaming laptops for play high-end games on laptops.

Featured Players are now released each week, with outstanding performances in the real world translating to attribute boosts in Pro Evolution Soccer. The way you accomplish new players has changed, with players bundled in packs of four as opposed to the single player you would get in previous iterations of the mode.

This helps you in building up your squad faster or turns these additional players into XP trainers that boost some of the key players in your team. On receiving three duplicates of the same player, you can now combine them together to get a higher-rated version of that player.

There are various games offers to go which can get you great discounts on game purchase. Ultimately, these twists don’t alter the structure of myClub too much, but it’s a fun mode to engage with purely to play more of its outstanding brand of football.

For as long as EA continues to develop FIFA and hold a monopoly over official licenses, Pro Evolution Soccer will be the scrappy underdog just hoping for a surprise upset, even when it’s fielding the likes of London Blue and PV White Red.

The lack of licenses for top-tier leagues remains a discouraging sticking point, but Pro Evolution Soccer continues to make brilliant moves on the pitch, building on what was already an incredibly satisfying game of football to produce one of the greatest playing football games of all time. It might lack off the pitch, but putting it on the field against the competition and a famous giant-killing wouldn’t be all that surprising.