Microsoft ignited the next generation of console wars with the introduction of the Xbox Series X early next month, leaving it against Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. Microsoft has so far made big claims about how the next Xbox console will be the most powerful player in the domain. Now, a new leak suggests that this may very well happen, at least when it comes to raw teraflop figures. The Xbox Series X console is said to deliver an impressive 12 teraflops, while Sony’s PlayStation 5 will reportedly max out at 9.2 teraflops, almost 30 percent less than its rival from Microsoft.

a Report good PlayStation 5 gives a brief overview of the internals by Eurohammer, citing data tested from Github and Tipsters. Incoming Sony The console is said to employ eight AMD Zen2 cores for processing requirements, while the graphics will be controlled by 36 custom Navi compute units clocked at 2000 mHz. On the other hand, GDDR6 memory is said to tick a maximum speed of 448GB / s, or 512GB / s. A rough estimate of the raw GPU output given by the 36 Custom Navy Compute Units with these leaked specifications gives 9.2 teraflops GPU power.

On the other hand, A Xbox series x Pack 56 custom Navi GPU units clocked at 1700 MHz, while GDDR6 memory bandwidth is comparatively higher at 560GB / s. Riding on top of eight Zen2 cores, the leaked figures provide a much higher GPU output of 12 Teraflops, going up to 12.2 Teraflops. Along with this leak there appears to be some material support. Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, said in a recent interview that the Xbox Series X will double the performance of the Xbox One X’s GPU.

And after the Xbox One X topped 6 Teraflops, the apparent GPU power target for the Xbox Series X turns out to be 12 Teraflops. While Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console seems to have an upper hand on the PlayStation 5, keep in mind that these findings are drawn based on leaked test data, not official test data. It should also be noted that raw GPU output is not the only factor that can drive sales, especially in the case of Microsoft, Which has fallen behind Sony when it comes to exclusivity and choice among developers.

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