PlayStation 4 sales reached 110 million units, Sony says and the PlayStation 5 is still on track for 2020. Sony revealed in its financial report that PlayStation 4 sales from January 2020 to March 31 are 1.5 million units. Even though this number is relatively low compared to the previous quarter’s numbers, it makes the console’s lifetime sales to over 110 million units globally. In addition, the company’s financial report showed that PlayStation 5 is still on track for holiday 2020, despite disruptions caused by coronoviruses.

In his Report good, Sony Unit sales for the PlayStation 4, which includes all versions of the console, are 1.5 million for Q4 of FY19 (FY19), which ended in March 2020. Total unit sales for the console in FY19 have been 13.6 million – 4.2 million less than FY18. It takes overall sales from the PS4 to 110.4 million units.

Some good news or gamers – these Consolidated financial report For FY19, Sony stated that PlayStation 5 is still on track for Holiday 2020.

“Regarding the launch of the PlayStation 5, although factors such as restrictions on employees working from home and international travel have presented some challenges in relation to part of the testing process and the eligibility of production lines, development progressed with the launch of scheduled consoles Is doing for the 2020 holiday season, “the report states. Sony said that at this point, there has been no major problem in the “game software development pipeline” for both Partner Studios and Sony’s own first party studios.

Sales of PS4 games have seen a decline compared to the previous year. Sony sold 245 million PS4 games in FY19, compared to 257.6 million in the previous financial year. However, the membership of PlayStation Plus increased from 36.4 million in Q4 FY18 to 41.5 million in Q4 FY19.

Overall, Sony reported fiscal year sales and operating revenue of CNY 8.25 trillion (about Rs 5.8 lakh crore) which is 406 billion yen (about Rs 28,000 crore) less than the previous 12 months.

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