OxygenOS of OnePlus smartphones is set to receive five new exciting features including the most awaited – Always-on display. However, the Chinese tech company will begin testing these features in the coming months, and their stable rollout is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2021. OnePlus also confirmed that these features were shortlisted when its users suggested an upgrade to a host (considering) that they would like to see on their OnePlus smartphone. The ideas were presented on the OnePlus Ideas community forum.

according to a Oneplus Executive, Company Received Over 5,000 views in the last eight weeks. Of this, OnePlus has chosen to adopt five features while 15 other suggestions were not adopted. At the top of the adopted list is the Always-On Display feature. On the community platform, it was also announced that the development of Always-On Display will end around June and we can expect a steady rollout after the company is done with beta testing. In particular, OnePlus was in March confirmation of This feature was included in their roadmap. Always-on display feature idea by OnePlus user received over two thousand likes by community members.

Meanwhile, other ideas adopted by OnePlus are:

Fingerprint lock for hidden photo in gallery

OnePlus User suggested To protect hidden files, the company must install an additional lock within the OnePlus Gallery. Even if the company offers a separate lock for this Oneplus Gallery, The user reported that an additional lock would ensure greater security. The idea received over 600 likes by other community members.

OnePlus also responded to this suggestion, stating, “We are currently evaluating the possibility of implementing this idea. Just keep in mind that, since it relates to different parts of the system, it needs to be done to get something right May take time. “

Play the sound when the battery is fully charged

According to a user, this feature will be capable To let OnePlus smartphone users know that the battery is fully charged with only one sound, the user stated that this feature eliminates the hassle of constantly looking at the phone to check the battery status. The idea received over 350 likes from community members.

OnePlus said for this suggestion that a sound reminder would likely “be an advanced option, not a default setting.”

Folder within the app drawer

Through this feature, a user Told OnePlus users will be able to organize files by creating folders. “This will be a neat feature for those who want better setup in their app drawer,” said the user. The idea received over 300 likes.

Additionally, an executive of OnePlus stated that the company was also exploring other features that could help with the organizing goal of the app drawer. “We look forward to your test feedback, stay tuned when we can continue the work,” the executive said.

Add more essential features to Zen Mode

Another user suggested OnePlus should allow users to add more options to the home screen, while the phone is in Zen mode. Optional buttons include calculator, calendar, and contacts.

OnePlus stated in its response that the company is considering “this carefully” and that the current idea is to implement “a whitelisting feature”, allowing users to stay focused during Zen mode. OnePlus offered the user to be part of the feature’s prototype discussion.

The idea received around 100 likes by community members.

The above features are not yet developed as mentioned earlier and a stable rollout is expected by next year. More information about the features roadmap from OnePlus is awaited. Meanwhile, the features that were not adopted (at this point in time) include:

  • Edge notification light
  • Oneplus decks
  • Call recording
  • Google Message for Stock SMS / RCS App
  • study mode
  • API support for gcam
  • Improve adaptive brightness
  • Custom fingerprint animation
  • Real time weather wallpaper
  • Real one hand mode
  • It became dark
  • Warning Slider Boost Capabilities
  • Option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  • Variable charging speed
  • Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

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