OnePlus has partially resumed its sales operations in India from today. This development occurred when the central government relaxed the ban on delivery of non-essential goods across the Green and Orange zones across India. Currently, the company is selling its OnePlus products, which include smartphones and smart TVs through Amazon and The company has said that it will gradually reopen standalone stores even in non-restricted areas. OnePlus products are also listed on the OnePlus India website, however, they are currently called “out of stock”. Customers planning to purchase OnePlus smartphones and other products through the company’s website can select the ‘Notify Me’ option to get availability details via e-mail.

OnePlus said in a statement, “As a company, we will continue to follow the government’s directives in terms of both sales and manufacturing in India.” will resume sales in these areas as well. During manufacturing, we will resume production after giving the green signal to MHA. In the meantime, we urge our employees and others to take precautions and be safe. “

As mentioned, customers living in the Green and Orange zones can purchase OnePlus products OnePlus 7T, To Oneplus 7, To OnePlus TV Q1, And through Amazon and ultimately, select the offline store. Products listed on the OnePlus India site are currently out of stock and more information about their availability is awaited from the company. Meanwhile, Gadgets 360 was also able to verify that several OnePlus products were available to purchase. Adventuress Using the PIN codes of the Green and Orange zone zones labeled by the central government. Estimated time of delivery was shown to be between 5 and 15 days. Similarly, there are many products of OnePlus available. Flipkart.

In the meantime, Oneplus Details of new launch availability have not been disclosed Oneplus 8 Despite the series announcement of Their prices last month. In particular, the OnePlus 8 pop-up boxes are also eligible for distribution in the Orange and Green zones, but unfortunately, their availability is also unclear.

In March, OnePlus also Announced The company has extended the products’ global warranty period to 31 May.

Currently, India is closed until 1 May to curb the spread of the novel. Coronavirus. The government has recently classified the areas as red, orange and green based on the number of coronovirus cases. Similarly, A Notification The e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart have been asked by the central government that companies can now take orders for non-essential products such as smartphones, TVs and laptops and deliver them to the green and orange zone identified areas.

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