BBK-owned smartphone brand OnePlus has confirmed that its much teased and next smartphone launch is going to be priced under $500 (approximately Rs 37,000) price bracket.
This was confirmed by company CEO Pete Lau in the first episode of the four-part series documentary that the company is posting on its Instagram account — by the name of ‘OnePlusLiteZThing’ — specially created for the upcoming smartphone.
In this episode, Lau said, “Nord will be our first product below $500 in recent years. For OnePlus and the whole team, it’s a massive challenge.”
Separately, in a forum post, the company has also confirmed the name of the soon to be launched OnePlus smartphone. Throughout the last couple of months, the handset has been alleged to be called OnePlus Z Lite, OnePlus Lite, OnePlus Z among other other names, however, the company has now confirmed that the smartphone will be called Oneplus Nord.
Not only that, it has also confirmed that the OnePlus Nord smartphone will become available on pre-order today at 9am BST/ 10am CEST/ 11am EEST on

For those who are interested in the OnePlus Node, there is a dedicated microsite on Amazon India website with a ‘Notify Me’ button. In India, the handset is expected to become available for pre-order today at 1.30 PM. OnePlus India’s official website also gives the option to pre-order the OnePlus Nord smartphone. However, currently it is redirecting to the Amazon India listing page only.
In a press statement, the company has confirmed that the first handset under the OnePlus Nord series will be launched in India and Europe. Besides India and Europe, the first smartphone in the OnePlus Nord series will also be available to select a number of users in North America through “a highly limited beta program after launch,” said the company.