The Nintendo-backed Pokémon company on Wednesday announced a cross-platform Pokémon team that developed with Tencent’s Timi Studios as a game-play game, as the two gaming heavyweight deepened their collaboration with a twist on the Pokémon format did.

In “Pokémon Unite”, five teams hunt down Pokémon In a war zone, the game is on Nintendo Switch On console and mobile. Its release date has not been announced yet.

Of japan Nintendo Deepening its cooperation with China’s top gaming company Tencent, With two firms Participation To sell the switch in the Chinese market.

Tencent announced its Shenzhen-based Timi Studios last July working on a new Pokémon title. The studio behind the monster mobile hit “Honor of Kings”, it is targeting overseas expansion and has recently hired an American director from the French gaming company Ubisoft.

Nintendo’s share price touched a 12-year high this month as a huge demand for consumer demand and the island life simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons The wandering spirit around the Kyoto-based firm.

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