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Top 5 News Apps for Android Smartphone’s [2018]

In this world, every person has his own separate daily routine, which they follow in a good manner and news plays an invaluable role in their daily life. It is basically information about current events or happenings which can be provided through many mediums such as printing, postal system, broadcasting and electronic communications. Although news covers each, and every topic related to any activity, but there are some common topics that you get to see again and again such as environment, governmental, politics, entertainment, technology, business, education, health, unusual event as well as promoting events. In the olden times the news was collected by Newspaper but the world is changing very fast and in today’s time, many such technologies have developed, through which you can get the news of the whole world within a few seconds. Let’s know about the top android News apps that will always keep you upgraded.

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1.Feedly-: Feedly is one of the most popular news app that is used by millions of professionals and passionate learners every day. Feedly was first introduced as a web extension but now it’s available for mobile devices running on IOS and Android. It is an open system which is completely based on RSS, this system allows you to add any RSS feed and by entering the URL of that feed into the search box you can read it whenever you want. Feedly has more than 40 million satisfied users and the most important feature of this app is that it offers integration with almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IFTTT, OneNote and Pinterest.

2.Flipboard-: Flipboard has more than 500 million users as it’s available in 25 editions, including Indian, China, Australian Brazil and Turkish versions. I would like to share some interesting features about this app, after installing it you can create your own album by picking various images, articles and videos that you like. App collects information through various sources and publish it to their platform and is considered as one of the most e-magazine readable platform which is available for free.

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3.Google App-: One of the most trusted and genuine app which will provide you an excellent service. Google app will provide you a decent feed. It will provide you information related to entertainment, current affairs, politics, weather and many more informative activities.


  • There are more than 1 billion downloads of this app.
  • Versions for this app is available in more than 35 languages Including Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and English.
  • It covers round-the-clock coverage of the latest news, movies, sports, entertainment, stock market, nearby stores and politics.

So far we have discussed about the News apps which you can get for free. Let’s know about the News Apps for Android which you have to pay if you want to access it.

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4.Pocket-: It is one of the unique news app. It allows to save a web server or any article for later reading. Instead, providing data it provides you an offline mode data storage system by which you can read your article anywhere or anytime in offline mode. This app can save images as well as links & videos. App is free but if you want to remove ads then, you can buy it at a nominal amount.


  • You can easily customize the app as per your reading requirements and enjoy it.
  • Quality issue will not arise after saving your link, videos and images, means there will be no difference between the quality before and after getting saved.
  • It offers ultimate storage, texts to audio conversion, Highlighting facility to text, save text on a single click and browser extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

5.News Republic-: Are you looking for the up-to-the daily new? This app is an ultimate solution of your problems. It can be easily customize so you can choose what you are interested in. This platform provides nationally and worldwide news having more than 2,500 genuine and licensed news sources. App is free but if you want to remove ads then, you have to pay a certain amount.


  • It covers the latest US headlines, International news, Worldwide news, politics, technology, celebrity globally finance and entertainment news.
  • Providing news with full text, video, images and links is a unique quality of this app.
  • This app also allow you to save the articles offline that can be read anytime.

So, these were the best 5 News Apps for Android. Hope you like the post. Don’t forget it to share this. If you have any query regarding the News Apps for Android, you can ask us in the comments section below.