Motorola Razor is getting a successor, which is another folding of the company. The Moto Razer 2019 was launched back in November to mixed reviews. Now it seems that the company is working on a second generation foldable razor phone. Motorola’s parent company Lenovo’s South Africa general manager Thibault Dusan was in a recent podcast where he said a new generation of foldable phones would arrive later this year. Later in their conversation, a reference to a “generation two” foldable phone was made again.

During Reframed Tech Podcast On May 20, with Lenovo South Africa general manager Thibault Dusan, the host talked about how Motorola Razor (2019) Opened to mixed reviews, being the first foldable phone from the company and experienced “unexpected issues”. Doosan said around the 18-minute mark, “A new generation is coming out .. There is one I think in September.”

Later in the podcast (about 42 minutes), Doosan then referred to a “generation two” razor. Gadgets 360 has reached out to Motorola for more information and will update this location when we receive feedback.

Was put through the Motorola Razor (2019) tear down Well as asa durability test, None of which produced favorable results.

The Motorola Razor (2019) received a lot of attention at the time of launch due to its unique foldable design and nostalgia factor. But, due to mid-tier specifications, screen / design issues, and a shockingly high price, it received mixed reviews, at best. After unveiling globally in November, the phone was Launched Rs in India in March. 1,24,999 earlier this month and finally went on sale.