Microsoft said that on Monday it was throwing in the towel on its livestream gaming platform and competing better with rivals such as Amazon-owned Twitch in association with Facebook. Microsoft’s mixures will be closed on July 22, the tech giant said in a statement.

“It became clear that the time needed to develop our own soulmate community was out of measure with vision and experiences.” Microsoft And Xbox Now want to deliver for gamers, so we have decided to discontinue Operation Side The mixer And help the community transition to a new platform, “The Mixer Team said.

Gamers will be encouraged to transition Facebook gaming, Which has about 700 million people who play or watch the game every month.

“We’ll be working to infect the mixer community over the next few weeks. Starting July 22, all mixer sites and apps will redirect users to Facebook Gaming,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, Microsoft’s gaming division.

Microsoft announced that it was purchasing the livestream service Beam in August 2016, which would intensify its effort to boost the ranks of people playing and watching its online games.

But Seva, renamed the mixer in 2017, struggled to gain traction Twitch, GoogleOwned Youtube, And Facebook Gaming.

Spencer said the move to shut down the mixer would allow Microsoft to focus on its other gaming efforts, including the launch of “world-class content being produced by our 15 Xbox game studios, Xbox Game Pass Xbox series x, And with global opportunity to play anywhere Project xCloud, “Referring to the cloud-based game service.

“Bringing that vision to life, for as many people as possible, we have to work with different partners, platforms and communities,” Spencer said.

“It will allow us to adjust our strategy to where we gather daily, including the best players.