The Xbox Series X will actually be just as powerful as Leake said, and what Microsoft teased a few months ago, something we now know for the latest announcement. The company has given figures to show how powerful the Xbox Series X will be. The GPU delivers a massive 12 teraflops of power – that is the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has shed some more light on the hardware of its upcoming console and revealed features such as a quick resume for many games, backward compatibility for original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, 120fps support, hardware-accelerated DirectX ray tracing is. more.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer revealed in an official blog post That Xbox series x The GPU will deliver 12 teraflops of power, which is twice that of the Xbox One X and eight times more than the original Xbox One. In addition, the custom AMD Zen 2 processor based on the RD AMD 2 architecture has been claimed to give a 4-fold boost in processing power compared to the Xbox One. Some other important details mentioned by Microsoft are as follows:

Better graphics

Microsoft says that its proprietary variable rate shading (VRS) will help developers deliver more stable frame rates and higher resolutions by focusing on specific objects in the frame rather than pixels throughout the frame. On the other hand, hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing – the first for console gaming – will ensure better lighting and reflections in game environments Xbox Series x.

Higher immersion and better frame rate

The Xbox Series X will employ SSDs, which are claimed to reduce load consoles and improve almost all aspects of gaming on upcoming consoles. Another notable new feature is the quick restart for many games, a significant upgrade over its predecessor that only supported it for one game at a time. Spencer wrote in his blog post that Quick Resumes for multiple games would allow players to “continue multiple games from a suspended state almost immediately”.

Additionally, Microsoft has also clarified that the Xbox Series X will support 120fps gameplay. It is one of the most awaited user-facing features, but as of now, we do not know about the games that will support it.

Low latency gameplay

Xbox series X, or Just xbox, Will reduce the controller to quickly sync the input between the controller and console output using the new Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) feature, while also ensuring that the controls are accurate and responsive. In addition, auto low latency mode (ALM) and variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies will ensure that latency is kept to a minimum when connected to the display and eliminate visual tearing by syncing refresh tarring.

backwards compatibility

The Xbox Series X will be able to play the upcoming title on the Xbox or Xbox 360, making it worth compatibility for four generations. Games in the Xbox Game Pass Library will provide better frame rate output, faster load times, and better visuals, thanks to backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X. With its new smart delivery feature, Microsoft says, players can rest assured that they will get the right version of each game for their respective consoles to get the most out of the available hardware.