Microsoft is giving all of this week’s consoles another update to the interface design of the Xbox One. The company announced changes last month that give the home page a facelift, making frequently used apps and games immediately available. The new home design allows users to add or remove rows on the home page, and quick access to Xbox game passes, mixers, and the Microsoft Store. The development of this new design has been underway for about six months, and is intended to make it easier to find and access frequently played games on the home screen.

At microsoft Support post It details the changes made on the interface Xbox one With OS version 10.0.18363.9135 which started on Monday.

In addition to the home screen changes, Microsoft Xbox One owners are also allowed to customize their notifications – how they appear on the screen. According to the report, the feature prevents notifications from blocking content. The new interface helps users choose from six locations, where notifications will appear. The new update also brings changes to the library, with new icons for games with trials and demos and the option to see top games and applications in the library.

The Xbox One update was made available shortly after launch. So people who have automatic updates turned on are in for a surprise. Microsoft has updated the Xbox One’s UI quite frequently, including a fluent design update in 2017, a redesign in 2015, and updates focusing on speed.

Following is the list of all changes after the February 24 update:

  • OS version 10.0.18363.9135
  • New Xbox One Home Look
  • Updated Apps and Games Library
  • Image support in conversation
  • Xbox Game Pass: View and install personalized bundled games
  • Favorite place for notifications
  • See better mixer
  • Storage management tips