Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries recently sat down with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in Mumbai. They exchanged views about their partnership on various fronts. An interesting topic of discussion was gaming and as part of the conversation, Ambani indicated that Jio is working on bringing xCloud to India. Although Ambani did not share many details, his comments suggest that the telecom operator is partnering with Microsoft for the launch of Project XCloud streaming service. There is still uncertainty as to how or when this will happen.

Nadella jokingly said during the chat that Ambani could become a gamer in the next decade. In his reply, Ambani shared that although gaming does not really exist in India, there is huge potential for it.

Ambani said, “Gaming doesn’t really exist in India and whatever we are doing with xCloud and our broadband connectivity, I think there are huge possibilities for some of us who don’t know what gaming is. . “

Although the interaction between the two promotes the development of gaming in the country, there is no clarity on what Jio’s contribution will be. Project xCloud To India.

We have reached out to Jio and Microsoft for greater clarity on our partnership and will update this report when we hear back.

Mako Reactor was First place Ambani’s comment on Project xCloud.

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s video game streaming service that allows players to stream various games to various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Games are streamed from Microsoft’s servers and users do not need to download large game files like they usually do on consoles and PCs. The service is currently in beta and Microsoft Giving limited access to Android And Ios Users. It is currently limited to the United States, Britain and South Korea. Microsoft it is said It will bring Project xCloud to India and other markets in 2020.

The stadium, Which is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s video gaming streaming service, is also live on Android and iOS. It promises 5.1 surround sound and HDR for 4K and 60fps streaming. The service is available in 14 countries, but India is not yet one of them.