The iPhone SE (2020) is an extremely important product for Apple in India, and we have finally got our hands on it. The launch of this new phone is based on the old design, which (Apple believes) is a low starting price of Rs. 42,500, has produced a body of comments from Gadgets 360’s readers and viewers, and opinions are quite divided. Although Apple hopes to woo buyers who might not otherwise buy an iPhone, the price is too high for many people to carry, and the iPhone XR isn’t priced too high.

On one hand, we have the possibility of class-leading Apple A13 Bionic Processor, slick iOS 13 With the possibility of updates for the year, Apple Ecosystem of services, and various other features that correspond to current-gen iphone 11 (Analysis) And iphone 11 pro (Analysis). On the other hand, we have a dated design, small screen, and a single rear camera, which costs three times Perfectly good android phone.

iPhone SE (2020) look as iphone 8 (Analysis), and in fact, The body is recycled a lot You can help differentiate between them without anything other than colors. Silver, Space Gray, and Gold are simply replaced White, Black, and (Product) RED the option. The trio has a black front, which gives the White version a particularly striking look. The glass back is the same, and thankfully IP67 has water and dust resistance.

More importantly, this phone is the same size as the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen. It has similarly thick borders above and below the screen, as well as a capacitive home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Such designs have not been seen in the Android world for many years, even at the bottom of the budget tier, and so you may not feel that this phone is modern enough.

We had our doubts too, but the feeling vanished as soon as we picked up the iPhone SE (2020) and turned it on. First of all, it is incredibly light and compact by today’s standards, which feels refreshing. It weighs 148g and is just 7.3mm thick. It is very easy to hold and use in one hand and there was not much stretch to reach the upper corners of the screen. This phone is incredibly well built, with a satisfying premium feel and excellent grip. The edges are curved, the seam perfectly machined, and the Apple feel is not at all thin.

iphone rear 2020 rear ndtv iphone

The iPhone SE (2020) is very well built and has an IP67 rating.

When we were using this phone, iOS 13 felt very scary and responsive. Yes, the small curtain is a hindrance. We cannot truly enjoy games and videos ourselves, as we are now using on the 6-inch and larger screens of most current phones, which means that the CPU is likely to be underpowered – except for Reportedly underlined. Nevertheless, there are other use cases for this, which we will see in more detail in our full review, will come soon.

The evaluation of the iPhone SE (2020) is not as simple as listing its features. Yes, the screen is small and low res, but it has Apple’s True Tone White Balance adjustment feature and remarkable color accuracy. Yes, it only has a single rear camera, but you get video stabilization, depth effects and picture lighting thanks to the machine learning capabilities of the A13 Bionic. Yes, it is small and looks old fashioned, but you get wireless charging and water resistance. These are the things that set the iPhone SE (2020) apart from the much less expensive Android phones that seem competitive.

There is also Apple’s suite of services like iMessage and iCloud, as well as privacy, security, and major iOS updates that have been promised for years. It is particularly valuable for users of older iPhones who need upgrades and want to stay within the ecosystem. All added up, it’s not hard to justify the price.

In India, the iPhone SE (2020) competes with the nearly two-year-old iphone xr (Analysis) Which is usually missed around the same price Or even less When it goes on sale. We hope this means that the iPhone SE (2020) will sell for less than its MRP after some time. Precedent with original iPhone SE And other entry-level models suggest that this may happen.

Our full review is coming soon, and we’ll evaluate the iPhone SE (2020) in terms of performance, usability, battery life, software, ergonomics, and more, so you can decide if it’s worth the money. . Stay connected to gadgets 360.