Facebook-owned Instagram experienced the highest reported outage in the fourth quarter of 2019, with 21,682 reports on November 28, 2019, with Snapchat reporting 18,252 outages at the peak of October 14, while Twitter peaked at the peak on October 22 There were 15,952 reports. According to a new report on Tuesday.

The Twitter outage lasted only a half-hour, reaching a peak of tweet retweeting, retweeting or accessing your account, according to the findings of the technology platform and downdactor of Ookla, a company that tracks outages in social media. Sites.

Facebook experienced an outage at the peak on November 28 with 12,726 reports. The outage lasted approximately five hours and affected users worldwide.

“The Facebook family of social media sites dropped out on November 28, 2019, one of several social outages in Q4 2019. The outage lasted approximately five hours and affected users in the US, Germany, Italy and Spain,” reports Did that title go down? The most important online service outage in Q4 2019 “.

“A combined 34,408 Facebook and Instagram users reported being at the peak of the outage,” he said.

Facebook’s Messenger app experienced a small outage on November 18, 2019 with 8,952 users reporting outages at the peak.

Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging app, was down for five and a half hours on October 14, 2019, leaving users unable to send, send or receive photos from their friends.

At the peak of the outage, 18,252 users in the US reported problems.

The outage was so important because the hashtag #SnapchatDown was trending on Twitter at the time of the outage.

In the category of mobile operators, Vodafone was down for nearly four hours for thousands of users on October 23, 2019. At the peak of the outage, 21,065 users, mainly in Germany, were having problems with their service, the report stated. In the gaming category, Discord saw 15,976 outage reports at its peak on 7 December, while Fortnite showed 11,236 outage reports at its peak on 13 October.

In terms of streaming services, Hulu saw 25,777 outage reports at its peak on December 19, 2019. Disney + saw 8,441 outage reports at its peak on November 12, 2019.