Important and General Apps For The Blind Person

There are two worlds for the humans. Surprised? The first is the world which you see with your eyes. The second is the world the blind and the visually impaired have. They are more intelligent than you, the normal human being; they always rely on clues and a sixth sense to lead a happy beautiful life of their own. In this article, we are going to discuss about Important and General Apps For The Blind Person.

The blind and visually impaired have got able help from kind-hearted normal human beings with their discoveries. For reading, they can use Braille, walking stick, reading glasses, guide dogs etc. However, just imagine the situation. A Braille book is bulky to carry. A guide dog has to be properly nurtured.

These challenges have been set right by app developers. They have designed apps that can be useful for the visually impaired people. The apps mentioned in this article can help the special-abled people in different sectors such as navigation, enlarge small text and the best way to interact with the handset.

True, internet and mobile technology have made the world become one small planet.

Google Talkback

By making use of this app, a blind person can interact easily with the smart phone. The person just has to touch/click on any feature or icon. Then the app will speak. The user will know the tab/icon pressed or touched by him/her. Now don’t you think this app is necessary?

Important and General Apps For The Blind Person


You have a friend with weak eye sight. Then he/she will find it difficult to read small font or text. The app can convert the font on bills, newspapers and products to a higher version via the magnifier.

The app also has a flashlight by which the person can easily read any text in darkness or low light. Similarly, it also has the basic gestures of any app – zoom in/out, double-tap etc. For turning on or off the light, you have to press the screen for some time.

Ariadne GPS

Being a normal person, you rely on clues to navigate a new area. But the visually impaired person can face challenges. With this app, they can take a solo walk. The app has talking maps which assist the blind explore as they move their finger on the map.

When they get a street, a vibration occurs in the map. The other favorite feature of the map is that it can notify users of stops in the train or bus. Available in various languages, it can work in any smart phone that has Google Maps. With all these features, don’t you think that this app is a must in all the mobile phones of the visually impaired?


IDEAL Accessible App Installer

The name of the app signifies the meaning. You can easily install a group of applications which are useful, educational not only for the blind but also for the blind people.

The app will help blind or visually impaired people to operate their mobile phones easily.

Let us imagine, a blind person lives alone by himself with the help of his friendly neighbors and adorable relatives in Pune city. He needs to fix an electrical problem in his home. Instead of searching for referrals he can download the app of doorstep repair companies. He can easily schedule a booking for the best electricians in Pune.



One of the useful apps, it can help in navigation. The app is designed to always point in the right direction. In case of a wrong move, the blind user will feel vibration.

Important and General Apps For The Blind Person


The very concept of humans is just humanitarian nature. When mention has been made about apps, can you forget APPLE?

  • The iPhone has proved to be a boon to the blind. With this device, a visually impaired person can
  • Measure their blood pressure
  • Identify colors, clothing as well currency
  • Dictate emails
  • Read restaurant menus
  • Access walking directions

There are other notable apps for various purposes –

Learning Ally


In this article, information has been given on only some important apps. If you need to have more information, kindly drop a review in the comments section. We will discuss the issue in the next article.