There is a catapult among us from relative obscurity to omnipresent memes, but why? People carrying out Little Minion-like tasks and calling each other “sus” are among the 2018 games on the internet thanks to coronoviruses. The recollection of colorful astronauts (or aliens?) And tweets about actions and imposters, if not directly, has been brought up among us all.

among us There is a game released in 2018 by Innersoloth – when Corona was just a beer, and we could buy groceries without realizing and seeing a ninja. This was also a time when meeting friends was not a radical act, but just a normal thing that we all do regularly. Perhaps that’s why the game received such an average response when it was released back. In 2020, however, it has become another way to create and embrace virtual connections.

The game has seen an increase in downloads in the last two months. According to the sensor tower The data, After a huge increase in installs between us in August and September, the total download on mobile has reached 86.6 million. When it first launched in 2018, we had fewer than 1,000 downloads in August. In August 2020, the game was set 18,000 times higher than that figure.

The 45-day period in August and September is 70% of the lifetime download of the game. A lot of popularity among us can be attributed to popular content creators, who live streaming the game on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and creating meme that makes you want to be part of the inside joke.

But at its core it is such a simple game that anyone can play it, and about whether you can trust anyone or not. This is a game that makes you feel connected to each other at a very basic level. No skill is involved in lining up the right shot, or coming up with a great fighting strategy. Whether small, imperfect creatures battling their jobs and can trust each other, at a time when thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are left with more than ever, wandering human connections, and attention .

Ashish Kutchi, who works as an ash-engineer, said, “I play every night for about 30 minutes – sometimes if I find groups that are sensible and don’t vote without discussing it for the first time.” “I watch a lot of videos and get into memes based on this game, which makes me think so too.”

What is unique among us is that there is nothing unique about it. The plot is familiar and quite simple – do your tasks, and try not to get killed. On the surface, this is what we do every day in reality; Perhaps this is what makes it such a recurring theme in sports. Like mafia or other social games, you keep a watchful eye for the bad guy and vote for him when you get the chance. It’s fairly straightforward that non-gamers are picking up and playing the game, as you can literally play with just one finger, point and click on the screen and then with them Can argue with whom to vote to reject in chat.

Coronaviruses have physically eluded us, and so many multi-player games that allow us to function virtually well. Rise in popularity Ludo King, code name, And Fall-friends This shows that gaming is becoming a way for us to feel more human again.

While it can be very entertaining to play with strangers, the best among us is when playing with a group of friends. Some people use Discord Servers while playing the game, meaning they can talk to each other – rather than relying on the basic chat feature of the game.

“Me and my friends set a time to play the game. Everyone is working from home, so we usually play at night, ”said Yash Jain, a musician who said he particularly liked the planning and planning involved in the game.

Local Wi-Fi between us or can be played online with friends or strangers. It can be downloaded for free Play store and on app Store. Each game has four to ten players – small, colorful characters preparing for departure in a spaceship. While everyone else is a mate crewmate, some players are made ers imposter. ‘Their job is to kill the crew and sabotage the ship – all very chaotic, and all very funny.

You can change the characters by changing their colors and giving them attractive hats which include cheese, flamingo and flowers. You can also choose a name for yourself in the game, and there is nothing extraordinary about it, given the likes of Trump, Bablu and Majnu, running around as colorful characters in a spaceship can be very entertaining. Huh. Especially when they have their funny hats.

Many things that are seen again on the Internet, memes have been instrumental in breathing a new life into the game. A Twitter account dedicated to Conflict between us More than 360k followers, and a collection of memes and tweets. ‘Emergency Meeting, Sus,’ and ‘Imposter’ are words that may not mean anything to you if you haven’t played the game, but once you have it, it’s easy for you to relate and laugh together. Playing games is like making fun of the internet more than it already is – and who wouldn’t want that?

There is no need for any specific skill set among us or many try to correct it. Each game usually lasts around ten minutes, which also makes it a reasonable investment that does not require too much time or effort. By the time I was in my third game, I knew how to do the tasks. I was also sent with a group of strangers known as the ‘known Idiot Sandwich’ known as G Bridle.

The most exciting part of the game is definitely the meetings – they are the only time you chat with each other. In these meetings, you debate who the killer might be, before voting them. A tight chaos can be found between us, but for some, this is what makes it so funny.

“Discord everyone and talk to everyone and have fun, so it’s really great, especially since we can’t meet,” said Kanishka Raja, who works as a video-editor when I Asked him what attracted him to the game. Another 22-year-old student, who did not want to be named, tells me how it was the idea of ​​betrayal and murder that drew him to the game – he, and his crush, wanted someone to play the game with him.

Whether you are following the news cycle, tracking COVID-19 cases in your area, or just trying to stay away, it can all be very tiring. There is an easy distraction between us which breaks us down from the vicious circles we are affected by; This is yet another thread holding us together while we fight about who to vote for from the spacecraft.

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