“It was all luck with Ludo King,” said Vikas Jaiswal, creator of the Ludo King game. “But I always felt that I would be able to include my game in the list of the top charts.”

Ludo King, Which launched in 2016, became one of the top five most established mobile games worldwide in April according to data Released Last week by Censor Tower. In addition to offering a traditional Ludo experience, Ludo King has features including multiplayer support and various themes to attract younger audiences – with appeals to players from the original board game.

Although Ludo looks quirky and old-fashioned compared to the games you can get for free on your phone today, the audience seems to have given the right note while watching it. Even before the epidemic, Ludo King was growing rapidly, inspired by the same familiarity that apps like Teen-Patti games help. But once India (and the rest of the world) found themselves under lockdown thanks COVID-19The Ludo King app has evolved dramatically. Family WhatsApp groups share the Ludo King plan and it has become a social distancing staple for many Indians who have never played an online game. Although ‘core’ gamers do not associate themselves with such simple board games, crores of people are on board for this game.

The 41-year-old, Jaiswal, who is the co-founder and CEO of Gametion Technologies, publisher of Ludo King, decided to make the game in October 2015, when he was playing a snake and ladder game on his phone. He worked on Ludo King with a programmer and a graphic designer and launched its first version in December 2016. In just three to four months of its launch on Android devices, the board game appeared on the top charts on Google Play and hit the mark 12 million users in just 11 months of launch.

Nevertheless, this development was a glimpse of how big the Indian board game could be in the future. Jaiswal told Gadgets 360 that according to the latest figures the game has already crossed 189 million monthly active users and 5.1 crore daily active users. The app also got 36 million downloads Android And over 1.92 million downloads Ios.

first mover advantage
Jaiswal developed Ludo King at a time when there were very few traditional Indian board games available for smartphones. He believes that this was the first mover advantage that helped him achieve success within a few months of launch. However, this does not mean that he did not have to make any effort. He brought the multiplayer mode to six months after the launch of Ludo King and also simplified the rules of the legacy version to enhance the gameplay and provide a different feel.

“If you play other Ludo games, you will see the classic rules,” he said. “For example, if you get six, you have to roll the dice. Instead, once you hit a six you just have the ability to transfer your token.”

Ludo King Creator Vikash Jaiswal Ludo King Vikash Jaiswal

Ludo King Creator Vikash Jaiswal simplified the game rules to make it an attractive option

Jaisal said his team of engineers and designers at Navi Mumbai-based Gametian Technologies actively looked for user feedback to bring changes to the existing experience. It has also become important to add new features and tweak what is already available as Ludo King has many competitors today.

COVID-19 is gaining
While many companies are facing adverse effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ludo King is one of the few names we can take from the tech world that has seen positivity out of the epidemic. Data shared by Jaiswal shows that the monthly active users of the game grew by almost 47 percent between April and May, while its daily user growth increased by 30 percent in the last one month.

“We saw our server crashing in the first week of lockdown,” he said. “We worked day and night for seven-eight consecutive days to scale the game.”

Jaiswal’s Gametian Technologies was using eight servers before the national lockdown was implemented by the government on 25 March. But the sudden increase in traffic caused outrage for Ludo King, and the team was forced to upgrade to 200 servers to handle this unexpected new users. – 25 times increase in capacity.

The rise helped Ludo King reach the number-one ranking in the top charts of free games during the initial phase of the ongoing lockdown. Google play For a few days. The team saw huge growth not only from India, but also from its other top five markets including Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan – where local governments have also imposed similar restrictions due to the coronovirus epidemic. In addition, the average time spent on Ludo King also increased by about 48 minutes between March 18 and May 18, increasing 2.2 percent from March 21 and April 17.

Ludo King Gadget 360 Ludo King Of Top Five Countries

Ludo King’s top five countries globally (in percentage) in terms of user base

“I never expected that there would be much traffic or number one ranking,” Jaiswal said. “But yes, while making the game, I assured my team members that when we release this game, it will come in the top 10 rankings of the board game category in India.”

From Iggy Boy to Ludo King
Ludo King was not the first game developed by Jaiswal. He actually began his journey as a mobile game developer when he was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering in computer science from MIT, Bulandshahr, back in 2003. He created a game called Eggy Boy as his college project, but the game was named as ‘Game of the Month’ by the technology magazine PCQuest.

That initial success prompted him to join sports publisher IndiaGame in 2004 after graduating from college and moving to Mumbai.

In 2008, he quit his job and founded Gametion Technologies as his company. They initially produced browser games through their venture, although they eventually moved to mobile games with the launch of Ludo King, followed by Carrom King and Sudoku King. However, both of them have not got the same success.

According to Jaiswal, luck played a huge role in making Ludo King a success. He said that a game like Ludo, which involves luck, is largely more attractive than Carrom, which includes more skill and Sudoku, which is purely a puzzle.

What comes next for Ludo King?
Jaiswal and his team are busy bringing new features for Ludo King. A 2D experience and a tournament mode are among the major upcoming changes. The team is also set to offer two-three new meta games, which will be a part of Ludo King, tells entrepreneurial gadgets 360. Further, there are plans to introduce an audio chat feature in private, chat with friends mode, and support. Five to six players in the online multiplayer mode which currently supports four players.

“We have also received user requests for support for 10 and 12 players in the online multiplayer mode, but we cannot provide them at this time,” Jaiswal said.

The new features are planned to be delivered to Ludo King in the middle of next month. Jaiswal also plans to expand the market presence of its Gametian technologies using the success of Ludo King and target Saudi Arabia and the US by launching new games.

“We’re working on four games,” he told Gadgets 360, “very soon, we’ll drop one or two of those games. They won’t be like the Sudoku King and won’t be targeted at specific users.”

Going forward, Jaiswal also has plans to invest in startups.

“Currently, we only plan to give some investment to Indian developers, although we will gradually start supporting startups outside India as well,” he says.

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