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Who would’ve thought that having their girlfriend get a job and accepting a few gifts could cost someone their job? Well, that’s exactly what has happened with a senior executive at Alibaba. According to a report by CNBC, Zhao Yang, head of Taobao, the Alibaba-owned live-streaming platform, was fired for multiple reasons, including helping his girlfriend get a job.
The report, which cites an internal company memo, states that Yang helped a third-party company land a contract with Taobao. He then got a job for his girlfriend a job at the agency.
Further, the report says that the senior Alibaba executive used to accept money for attending external business conferences. Not just that but he took other gifts like food, lodging from other live broadcast agencies, as per the report.
The internal memo which is cited as the source of the story doesn’t reveal the real reason why Yang was fired. The report says that it also doesn’t mention whether an internal investigation was conducted or not.
This isn’t the first high-profile executive at Alibaba’s live streaming platform to land in trouble. Earlier in April, it was reported that another executive was demoted because of his behaviour.
Jiang Fan, who was a senior executive, was demoted by the company after an internal investigation, as per a Reuters report. While the company didn’t confirm why he was demoted, there was speculation that Jiang had an association with a Chinese social media influencer. The report had stated that Jiang was closely associated with Zhang Dayi and had used his influence to get special treatment with certain merchants on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms.
Unlike Yang, who has reportedly been fired for misconduct, Jiang was just demoted. He used to be the group senior vice president but was then demoted to group vice president. Alibaba hasn’t made any comment on Yang’s removal, as per the CNBC report.