Every day, 90-year-old Japanese grandmother Hamoko Mori flings her fingers to keep her nimble. Not for knitting or needlepoint, but for keeping them in shape for playing video games.

The pensioner known as “Gamer Grandma” battles monsters three or more hours a day and is going on missions in the virtual world of her favorite games, and even has a popular YouTube Channel For her fans.

“I am fond of playing sports every day,” the white-haired widow told AFP in an interview conducted by VideoChat.

“Every day is a happy day,” she said, clarifying the on-screen enemies as a fantastic stress reliever.

Mori cut a beautiful, gentle figure, whose hair was pulled back into a ponytail and a pair of large spectacles applied to her nose.

She posts videos on her YouTube channel with a favorable “Konichiwa” and a bow.

But when he plays, his grandmother Nanny disappears, turning into a gun-wielding character in Call of Duty or a sword-wielding android in NIR: Automata.

Mori, who lives in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo with her family, holds a Guinness World Record certifying her as the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world.

“She always gets involved in sports,” her only grandson, 43-year-old Keisuke Nagao, told AFP.

“I think he’s a little different. Ordinary older people aren’t as excited about video games as he is.”

300,000 YouTube fans
Mori is not new to the gaming world, and has played some 200 titles since taking up the hobby some four decades ago.

Her first console was a cassette vision, which she bought in 1981 after her children were obsessed with gaming.

“I found out that it was the fascinating thing that existed in the world,” she said.

He played the world’s smash smash hits Super Mario Bros, Dragon Quest, Final dream, And Call of duty, And sometimes accepts staying until 2am when he is sucked into a session.

His favorite games include action-adventure series Grand theft auto And the popular fantasy role-playing game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“You can do whatever you want to do” in one game, she said, describing them as “inspiration in life”.

Mori usually plays alone at home, but has launched a Youtube Channel in 2014 to connect with other gamers.

She posts new videos filmed by her grandchildren three or four times a month and attracts 300,000 subscribers and provides millions of views with content featuring her gaming but also shows her daily life.

“It’s being watched by a lot of people, rather than playing alone,” she said of the “Gamer Grandma” channel.

One of his videos shows him blowing candles on a cake to celebrate his 90th birthday with his family. Another feature is a brand-new “Unboxing” him Play Station Console.

At the age of 90, Mori is fighting fit, but she says that some cutting-edge sports require agile hand intentions that can prove challenging.

“It’s getting harder. It really is,” she said, explaining the practice she does every day with her fingers and hands to keep herself game-ready.

‘Better than doing nothing!’
But he has no intention of quitting gaming.

“I won’t put it down because it’s hard … it’s better than doing nothing!”

And she hopes that with practice she can improve further.

“I want to play well no matter how old I am,” she said. “I want to continue for as long as possible.”

Mori is something of an evangelist for video games, and encourages other older people to get involved in gambling, or find other hobbies that keep it going.

“It’s not necessarily a video game. But it’s good to do something,” said Mori, who used to swim regularly until the age of 80 and still weaves.

While Mori said she understood concerns about video game addiction, especially among young people, she pointed out that gaming may have helped with multiple live lockdowns on coronoviruses.

“It’s safer to play at home than to go out,” she said.

For now, Mori is waiting impatiently Playstation 5, Due to hit shops later this year.

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“I seriously like it,” he said. “I want one. I really do.”