Internet search giant Google has started testing the Smart Compose feature for messaging apps including WhatsApp, Telegram and Google Messages, according to a report by 9to5Google.
As per the report, a new beta version of Gboard was rolled out via Google Play Store and some users who were on version discovered that Google Messages is offering suggestions for completing the sentences through Smart Compose just as it does on Gmail right now.
Just as is the case with other Google tools, users were able to swipe right on the text to accept the suggestion, claimed the report.
The company has not made any official announcement on this feature coming to Google Messages or third party apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram using the Gboard app, however, we expect that to happen soon now.
For those unaware, the Smart Compose feature was first announced at Google I/O 2018 where it turned out to be one of the most talked about features. The feature acts as a smart reply function that predicts and makes suggestions on what users may be planning to type by using Artificial Intelligence. The feature was first rolled our to Gmail on desktop in May 2018, followed by Pixel smartphones in October 2018. Most recently in February 2020 the feature was rolled out to Google Docs for all the G-Suite users.
Readers must note that the feature is only available for G Suite users which means that they will not be able to access it on their personal Google Docs account. The Smart Compose feature is on by default. In case they don’t want to use the feature, then they can disable it by going to tools>preferences and can uncheck ‘Show Smart Compose Suggestions’.